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Texas Wesleyan Law Review

Full Text: Vols. 1-19 (1994-2013) All Published; Precedes Texas A&M Law Review
Publisher: Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1081-5449
Frequency: 4

Additional Information for Texas Wesleyan Law Review
The Law Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a review intended to encourage scholarly criticism and analysis of legal issues of interest to practitioners and law students.

The Law Review not only serves as an important tool for legal scholarship but also provides its Staff Members and Members with an opportunity to develop their own editing and writing skills. Accordingly, each issue contains articles by student authors, as well as outside authors. The Texas Wesleyan Law Review is published not less than two times per academic year.

Source: 11/8/13--Texas A&M has acquired Texas Wesleyan Law School, and as a result of this acquisition Texas Wesleyan Law Review will now be called Texas A&M Law Review and have its own volume designation. the last volume published under the title of Texas Wesleyan Law review is 19#4. v. 1#1 of Texas A&M Law Review is still in production per the editors.

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