Turkish Commercial Law Review

Publisher: Turkish Commercial Law Review
Publication Website: http://the-tclr.org/home/
Coverage: Vols. 1-4#1 (2015-2018) All Published

ISSN: 2149-1666
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: The Turkish Commercial Law Review is an independent English language print journal of legal scholarship aimed at those in the international business, legal and academic communities with an interest in Turkey as well as Turkish businesspersons, lawyers and academics whose work is international in its scope.

Each year the Turkish Commercial Law Review publishes one volume, comprising of three separate issues. Issues contain material authored by practicing lawyers, academics, and members of the judiciary. The Turkish Commercial Law Review Online supplements the print editions by publishing shorter, accessible articles and case comments - often on timely issues.

Source: http://the-tclr.org/about/

4 #1 (2018)
Vol. 3 Not Published2 (2016)
1 (2015)