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Volume 6

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From Mecca to San Francisco: Harmonizing Shari'a-Compliant Contractual Remedies with California Law
The Voice of Reason: The Corporate Compliance Officer and the Regulated Corporate Environment
Mergers and Acquisitions in Cyberspace: Navigating the Black Holes
Monitor With No Teeth: An Analysis of the WTO China Trade Review Mechanism
Strategic Intellectual Property and Emerging Standards for Entering the Chinese Market
The Wolf in Shareholder's Clothing: Hedge Fund Use of Cooperative Game Theory and Voting Structures to Exploit Corporate Control and Governance
Fair Compensation: An Overview of Wage and Hour Class Actions — an interview with Todd Jackson of Lewis, Feinberg, Renaker & Jackson, P.C
Antitrust: Insights From the Silicon Valley: an interview with Alec Y. Chang of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom, LLP
Hollywood Strikes Back At Infringment: Proprietary Downloads After MGM v. Grokster — an interview with Jeremy Williams of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Homeland Security and Employment Law Litigation: How September 11th Has Affected Labor Law, the Structure of Government Agencies, and Employee Termination — an interview with Mary Elizabeth Bagby of the Department of Homeland Security
Plugging the Gaps in the U.S. Anti-Money Laundering System: How These Reforms Affect Banks and Other Financial Institutions — an interview with Courtney J. Linn of Department of Justice - U.S. Attorney
The New Face of Class Action Litigation: an interview with Professor Tobias Barrington Wolff of UC Davis Law School
INVESTING IN CHINA, by Winston Ma, Risk Books, London, 2006
Managing Global Mobility: Free Trade in Services in the Age of Terror
Offshore Outsourcing to India by U.S. and E.U. Companies: Legal and Cross-Cultural Issues that Affect Data Privacy Regulation in Business Process Outsourcing
Online Undercover Marketing: A Reminder of the FTC's Unique Position to Combat Deceptive Practices
The Burden of Good Intentions: Intermediate-Sized Banks and Thrifts and the Community Reinvestment Act
The Evolution of a More Stringent Business Judgment Rule in Banking: The Minimilization of Director Deference
Unintended Consequences: How the Passage of Ballot Proposition 64 May Increase the Number of Successful Wage and Hour Class Actions in California
Biopharmaceutical Private Equity Fund Investing: A General Counsel's Perspective: Challenges and responsibilities of General Counsel — an interview with Adele Kittredge Murray of Aisling Capital
China's Capital Markets at the Birth of a New Era: an interview with Winston W. Ma of J.P. Morgan Investment Banking Division
Corporate Governance and Sarbanes-Oxley "Post-'Post-Enron'": an interview with Professor Thomas Joo of UC Davis School of Law
Dispelling Misconceptions: The Truth about the Estate Tax and the Imprudence of Repeal — an interview with Rep. Xavier Becerra of U.S. House of Representatives
Killing the Death Tax: An Investigation of the Effect of the Estate Tax on the Economy From a Noted Tax Reformer — an interview with Lewis K. Uhler of National Tax Limitation Committee
Rethinking The Gains From Immigration: Theory And Evidence From The U.S.: an interview with Economics Professor Giovanni Peri of UC Davis
The Toys "R" Us Precedent: Reaching the Limits of the Colgate Doctrine: an interview with Richard Dagen of FTC Special Counsel to the Commissioner
Tracing the Path of Reform of Workers Compensation in California: an interview with Michael Ward of Cuneo, Black, Ward, & Missler LLP