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Full Text: 2017-2019 Article 9
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ISSN: 2209-6582
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The University of New South Wales Law Journal Forum ('Forum'), was first published as a print supplement to the Journal from 1995 to 2012. In 2017, the Forum was re-imagined and re-introduced as an entirely online companion to the UNSW Law Journal. Recognizing the demands of an increasingly interactive legal community, and the slow nature of traditional publication processes, the Forum aims to promote discussion and debate by publishing short scholarly pieces that make a timely contribution to legal scholarship in Australia and respond directly to issues raised in the Journal. The Forum is designed specifically for short-form pieces of less than 5000 words, and publishes a variety of submissions including essays, case comments, legislation reviews, article responses, book reviews, and audiovisual recordings. Each format benefits from a faster publication cycle and the greater engagement made possible by online publication.

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