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Volume 117

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Presidential Debates and Deliberative Democracy
Access to Knowledge Mobilization and the New Politics of Intellectual Property, The
Does Dialogue Make a Difference: Structural Change and the Limits of Framing
IP Essentialism and the Authority of the Firm
One of These Things Does Not Belong: Intellectual Property and Collective Action across Boundaries
Reconsidering the Syllabus in Constitutional Law
Curricula and Complacency: A Response to Professor Levinson
Dialogue on Teaching the Constitution: A Reply to Ernest Young's the Constitution outside the Constitution, A
Paradox of Retrogression in the New VRA: Comment on Persily, The
Renewing the Promise of Ending Voting Discrimination: A Return to an Effective Section 5 Retrogression Standard
Constitutional Relevance of Alleged Legislative Dysfunction, The
How Swingers Might Save Hollywood from a Federal Pornography Statute
First, Do No Harm: Why a Commissioner for Standards Is Unhealthy for the American Body Politic
Curing Congress's Ills: Criminal Law as the Wrong Paradigm for Congressional Ethics
Taking States out of the Workplace
Postmortem Rights of Publicity: The Federal Estate Tax Consequences of New State-Law Property Rights
Reweighting the Balance: Religious Groups, Mortal Threats, and Hybrid Situations
Group Harms in Antiterrorism Efforts: A Pervasive Problem with No Simple Solution
Religious Expression in the Balance: A Response to Murad Hussein's Defending the Faithful
Procedural Rule and a Substantive Problem: Legislative Hawks and the Concentration of Power in Georgia's Speaker of the House, A
Three Questions about Hybrid Rights and Religious Groups
Conservation Easement Tax Credits in Environmental Federalism
State Court Reform of the American Jury
Justice Promptly, and without Delay: Court Reform and Judicial Independence
Overcoming Deference to Administrative Regulation: Expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Promise and Pitfalls of the New Voting Rights Act (VRA), The
Mission Accomplished
Political Avoidance, Constitutional Theory, and the VRA
Uncorking a Seventy-Four-Year-Old Bottle: A Toast to the Free Flow of Liquor across State Borders
Laugh Track II - Still Laughin'
Capabilities Approach and Ethical Cosmopolitanism: A Response to Noah Feldman, The
Interbranch Communication: A Note on Article III En Banc
Promises of Nonstate Representatives
Why Modularity Does Not (and Should Not) Explain Intellectual Property
On Coordinating Transactions in Intellectual Property: A Response to Smith's Delineating Entitlements in Information
Intellectual Property as Property
Protecting National Security or Covering up Malfeasance: The Modern State Secrets Privilege and Its Alternatives
Relative Weight of Irreparable Benefits, The
Partial Regulatory Takings: Stifling Community Participation under the Guise of Kelo Reform
New Actions or New Arguments over Regulatory Takings
Defusing a Google Bomb
Regulating Cyberbullies through Notice-Based Liability
Don't Censor Search
Legal Profession, Personal Responsibility, and the Internet, The
In Defense of Guantanamo Bay