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eJournal of Tax Research

Full Text: Vols. 1-16 (2003-2018)
Publisher: University of New South Wales
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1448-2398
Frequency: 3

Additional Information for eJournal of Tax Research
The eJournal of Tax Research is a peer reviewed journal that publishes original, scholarly works on all aspects of taxation. The journal uses a double blind review process. It aims to promote timely dissemination of research and public discussion of tax-related issues, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It provides a channel for academics, researchers, practitioners, administrators, judges and policy makers to enhance their understanding and knowledge of taxation. The journal emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of taxation. To ensure the topicality of the journal, submissions will be refereed quickly. The eJournal of Tax Research is normally published twice a year by the School of Taxation & Business Law. Thematic editions covering topical issues are also published on a one-off basis. The eJournal of Tax Research is ranked A by the Australian Business Deans Council.

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