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Prestatehood Legal Materials: A Fifty-State Research Guide

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Commerce of Louisiana during the French Regime, 1699-1763
     1v. New York: Columbia University, 1916
Constitution and Admission of Iowa into the Union
     1v. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1900

Foul Means: The Formation of a Slave Society in Virginia, 1660-1740
     1v. Chapel Hill: Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg,...

History of Elections in the American Colonies
     1 v. New York: Columbia College, 1893.
Outline of Executive and Legislative History of Arkansas
     1v. Ft. Smith: Calvert-McBride Printing Co., 1922
Proceedings and Debates of the British Parliaments respecting North America
     5v. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1924-1941
Province of New Jersey, 1664-1738
     1v. New York: Columbia University, 1908
Royal Government in Virginia, 1624-1775
     1v. New York: Columbia University, 1919

Story of Indiana and Its People
     1v. Chicago: O. P. Barnes, 1912

Virginia under the Stuarts, 1607-1688
     1v. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1914
White Servitude in the Colony of Virginia
     1v. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1895