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Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents

Full Text: New York: Bureau of National Literature, George Washington - Woodrow Wilson; Vols. 1-20 (1789-1916)

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20 (1916)
19 (Encyclopedic Index A-M)
18 (William Howard Taft; Woodrow Wilson)
17 (Theodore Roosevelt; William Howard Taft)
16 (Theodore Roosevelt)
15 (William McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt)
14 (Grover Cleveland; William McKinley)
13 (Benjamin Harrison; Grover Cleveland)
12 (Grover Cleveland; Benjamin Harrison)
11 (Chester A. Arthur; Grover Cleveland)
10 (Ulysses S. Grant; Rutherford B. Hayes; James A. Garfield; Chester A. Arthur)
9 (Andrew Johnson; Ulysses S. Grant)
8 (Abraham Lincoln; Andrew Johnson)
7 (Franklin Pierce; James Buchanan; Abraham Lincoln)
6 (James K. Polk; Zachary Taylor; Millard Fillmore; Franklin Pierce)
5 (Martin Van Buren; William Henry Harrison; John Tyler; James K. Polk)
4 (Andrew Jackson; Martin Van Buren)
3 (John Quincy Adams; Andrew Jackson)
2 (Thomas Jefferson; James Madison; James Monroe; John Quincy Adams)
1 (George Washington; John Adams; Thomas Jefferson)