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Secrets of the Great Whiskey Ring: Containing a Complete Exposure of the Illicit Whiskey Frauds Culminating in 1875 and the Connection of Grant, Babcock, Douglass, Chester H. Krum, and Other Administration Officers, Established by Positive and Unequivocal Documentary Proofs, Comprising Fac-similes of Confidential Letters and Telegrams Emanating from the White House, Directing the Management of the Ring. Also Photographs of Grant, Babcock, Bristow, Garfield and the Famous Sylph. To Which Is Added the Missing Links in the Chain of Evidence of James A. Garfield's Implication with the District of Columbia Ring and Credit Mobilier Bribery

Full Text: 1 v. Chicago: Belford, Clarke, 1880

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1 (1880)