HeinOnline Enables CASA, Makes Students’ and Librarians’ Lives Better

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline recently expanded its existing relationship with Google Scholar with the rollout of Campus-Activated Subscriber Access (CASA). CASA, which means ‘house’ in Spanish, allows off-campus and mobile users to access HeinOnline seamlessly, exactly as though the user is on-campus. With CASA, students can begin their research in a campus library and continue to access HeinOnline content from home without the hassle of logging in through a proxy server or web portal.

About CASA

According to Anurag Acharya, co-creator of Google Scholar:

“CASA builds on Google Scholar’s Subscriber Links program which provides direct links in the search interface to subscribed collections for on-campus users. With CASA, a researcher can start a literature survey on campus and resume where she left off once she is home, or travelling, with no hoops to jump through. Her subscribed collections are highlighted in Google Scholar searches and she is able to access articles in exactly the same way as on campus.”

While CASA makes accessing research materials remotely much simpler, subscribing institutions are still able to adhere to the terms of license agreements and copyright laws. Users must access HeinOnline on-campus at least every 14 days to maintain off-campus access. Additionally, material accessed via CASA is correctly attributed to the subscribing institution, so usage statistics remain accurate.

HeinOnline: BFF of Students and Librarians

CASA helps HeinOnline reach its goal of easy accessibility for users, especially students, who often do the majority of their research from off-campus. CASA is already up and running with HeinOnline, so libraries have to do nothing in terms of setup and maintenance. As an added bonus, students accessing HeinOnline remotely will no longer need to ask library staff for assistance: they’ll be able to simply use Google Scholar and HeinOnline seamlessly whether they’re on-campus or off! Twitter user @mad_nash says it best:

In summary: use HeinOnline with CASA, research away, and clock law school. HeinOnline’s dedicated support team is here to help with research questions: call (800) 828-7571, email holsupport@wshein.com, or chat with us!

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