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Category: Heinous Histories

image of a boat on shore near water with a chain

Heinous Histories: The Tragedy at Ireland’s Eye

March marks the annual immersion into Irish culture—sipping on beer, sporting shades of green, and eating corned beef and cabbage dinner. Let’s leverage HeinOnline’s World Trials Library to unlock a notorious murder trial from Ireland.

image of crime scene yellow tape with red blood in the background

Heinous Histories: The Arrest and Trial of Lizzie Borden

On August 4, 1892, a horrifying event occurred in the Borden home, chilling Fall River, Massachusetts. Daughter Lizzie Borden discovered her parents’ lifeless bodies. Did she stumble upon the nightmare or craft it herself?

image of a person's hands in handcuffs

Heinous Histories: The Murder of Mary Phagan

In the dim and musty confines of a factory basement, the lifeless body of Mary Phagan, was stumbled upon by a lone night watchman. Let’s venture into the annals of history using the World Trials Library and unearth the secrets to this crime.