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ScholarCheck is a tool used to analyze the most-cited journals, articles, authors, and more. The tool gives users the ability to view and access articles that are cited most by other articles and cases, and that are accessed the most by other HeinOnline users over a rolling 12-month period. It also allows users to sort search results  by using the quantifying categories above: number of times cited by either articles or cases, or by the number of times accessed by other HeinOnline users in a rolling 12-month period.


Author Profile Pages

Author Profile Pages are an excellent way to showcase and promote an author’s scholarly work. This page automatically displays a list of an author’s articles and ScholarCheck statistics, and can be enhanced to include a photo, biographical information, and links to the author’s website and social media accounts. Use email alerts to be notified when an author’s articles are added, or when the author is cited by new articles added to the database. It’s easy to set up your author profile!



MyHein is HeinOnline’s personal research tool. Bookmark articles, save search queries, set up eTOC alerts, and more. To create an account, click the MyHein option from the toolbar on the upper right side of all pages in HeinOnline.


Account Branding

We understand how important it is for you to communicate to your users that HeinOnline is a valuable resource that is being made available to them with support and funding from your organization. We have developed an easy, no-cost way to help you get this message out to your users by offering free branding of your HeinOnline account. Branding allows you to link to a page that will contain your organization’s logo, links you provide, and more, right from your HeinOnline Welcome Page.


HeinOnline App

The HeinOnline app is a great way to search HeinOnline or quickly retrieve a document on your mobile device. Thousands of iOS users have taken advantage of this free tool, and we’re pleased to announce that the app is now available for Android users! If you haven’t downloaded the HeinOnline App for your mobile device yet, you’re missing out on an excellent research tool. 



We offer a variety of widgets for your use. Widgets allow users to embed HeinOnline searching options into their interface. For example we have a widget that allows users to search for keywords across all of the databases included in your HeinOnline subscription.