Tools & Services

HeinOnline’s Suite of Tools and Resources

HeinOnline offers a number of tools to help both novice and experienced researchers make the most of its content. Check out our unparalleled customer resources, artificial intelligence and research tools, and unique account features and services.

Customer Resources

The Knowledge Base

The HeinOnline Knowledge Base is your first stop for questions regarding the use of HeinOnline. In a full-text searchable format, the Knowledge Base answers frequently asked questions, offers research tips and tricks, links to training guides and videos, and more. Each article, guide, and video is categorized for easy browsing.



HeinOnline is gradually building its collection of database LibGuides with the goal of adding four a month until a LibGuide exists for each database. Each guide features database-specific content, search tips, tools, features, training materials, and more. Libraries may feature HeinOnline’s LibGuides on their website as a student resource.


The HeinOnline Blog

To see HeinOnline in action, the HeinOnline Blog is the place to be. Discover endless content relating to numerous disciplines, stay in the know about new content, and refine your understanding of HeinOnline with each post. The authors’ decades of expertise help both new and experienced users navigate HeinOnline and locate the most relevant hidden gems.


Database Tools

More Like This

Located at the top of an article page, the More Like This button allows researchers to find articles similar to the current article they are viewing. Using an algorithm, this feature discovers “interesting words” within the article, generating a list of similar articles based on the frequency of the words.

Keyword Search Builder

The Keyword Search Builder can be found within the Advanced Search option of various databases. Enter keywords into one or more of the boxes provided. Adjust the weight of each word using the boost factors. Select a title to search within or enter a date range to narrow down the results.

Topic and Entity Extraction

Machine-learned topics and entities (frequently mentioned locations, persons, and organizations) are generated from various journal articles in HeinOnline. Researchers may use the topics and entities to better refine their searches or to learn more about a particular article from just a glance.


Scholarcheck is a series of tools designed to help researchers quickly locate relevant material in HeinOnline. Among its many functions, ScholarCheck analyzes most-cited entities, hyperlinks cited material in a document for quick access, and provides smart sorting options.


MyHein is HeinOnline’s personal research tool. Anyone with HeinOnline access may create a free MyHein account to bookmark documents, save search queries, and set up electronic table of contents alerts. In addition, create bookmark tags and export saved bookmarks in various formats.

Venn Diagram Search

The Venn Diagram Search allows researchers to visualize the power of keyword combinations, helping new researchers learn to structure a search and experienced researchers refine their keyword choices. Use this unique tool within the Law Journal Library alone, or across multiple databases.

Citation Formats

The Cite button on article pages provides a variety of citation formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Bluebook, OSCOLA, and McGill Guide. Users have the ability to export journal citations to Refworks, to Endnote, or as a text file from the same Cite button in HeinOnline.

Author Profile Pages

Author Profile Pages are an excellent way for researchers to discover a particular author’s scholarly work. This page provides citation count information about a particular author, the author’s frequently discussed subjects and topics, and a list of the author’s works in HeinOnline.

Explore This Author

From within an author profile page, researchers may use the Explore This Author feature to visualize the context of an author within his or her field. Through an interactive flow chart, the feature allows users to discover the author’s frequent co-authors, topics, journals, organizations, and more.

Account Features and Services

Account Branding

Branding is a free and easy way to communicate to your users that HeinOnline is available through your organization’s funding. Create a link on your HeinOnline Welcome Page, displaying your logo and directing users to your library catalog or help desk. Enable OpenURL and/or ISSN linking to allow users to search your local library catalog right from the same page.


HeinOnline App

The HeinOnline app is a great way to search HeinOnline or quickly retrieve a document on your mobile device. Thousands of iOS users have taken advantage of this free tool, and we’re pleased to announce that the app is also available for Android users! Don’t miss out on an excellent research tool—download the HeinOnline app for your mobile device today.



HeinOnline offers a variety of widgets for your use, allowing users to embed HeinOnline searching options directly into their interface. For example, we have a widget that allows users to search for keywords across all of the databases included in your HeinOnline subscription. Check out all of our widget options below.