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Digital Ownership

We are pleased to offer more than 40 collections in HeinOnline’s Digital Ownership Program, allowing HeinOnline customers to obtain ownership rights to PDF files of the scanned images of all pages within a chosen database.

When you purchase ownership of any of these databases, you’ll receive a 500 GB hard drive with the electronic files for that collection. The drive will arrive in a storage box stamped with the name of the database you’ve selected. 

Digital ownership hard drive angle 1
Digital ownership hard drive angle 1
Digital ownership hard drive angle 1

If new technology exists at the time of renewal, we will provide you with the most current device that we are using to store electronic files. Updating the technology ensures your accessibility and eliminates the potential for having a storage device that is not compatible with other digital technology.

Renewal of Digital Ownership

Keep your files and storage technology up to date by renewing your digital content ownership each year for a fee. At the time of your ownership renewal date (provided when you purchase), you’ll be eligible for this refresh of your files and technology. Costs are determined based upon the amount of content added to the library over the previous 12-month period.

If you choose to renew and receive updates, simply return the storage device to us. We’ll update the device to include any changes made to existing content as well as all new content added to the collection in the past year.

Payment for Ownership

Don’t want to commit to 100% of the cost in this budget period? We are happy to work with you to spread the ownership cost across multiple budget years. To discuss in more detail, contact your sales representative directly or inquire at 800-828-7571 or at marketing@wshein.com

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