New Journals Added to HeinOnline: July 2021

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

With the July content release, we added eight new journals, seven of which are active serials. Many of these journals are included as a part of our extended agreement with Emerald Publishing. Let’s dive into our new Law Journal Library titles this month and see the type of content they cover. Don’t forget to check out our exciting news announcement!

Columbia Journal of Race and Law Forum

Vols. 1-11 (2011-2021)
Published by Columbia Law School

The Columbia Journal of Race and Law Forum (CJRL)’s mission is to establish a dialogue on historic and contemporary notions of socio-political and legal challenges facing racial and ethnic minorities…

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AALL 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting & Conference Recap

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

For the second year in a row, we have greatly missed seeing everyone in person at the AALL Annual Conference, but we still made the best of our virtual meet-ups! Thank you to everyone who visited our virtual booth, filled out our survey, watched our live demos, and helped us celebrate our CEO, Kevin Marmion, on his induction into the AALL Hall of Fame! We have a lot to recap—check out what’s new with HeinOnline below!

New and Updated Databases

In the past year we’ve been updating several of our databases…

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New Emerald Publishing Titles Added to HeinOnline!

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Tara Kibler

HeinOnline is pleased to announce that we have incorporated several new titles from Emerald Publishing into the Law Journal Library.

Emerald is one of the world’s leading digital-first publishers, commissioning, curating, and showcasing research that is meant to make a difference.

Emerald content contains mission-led social science research that tackles key societal challenges aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals— the result of academic collaboration across disciplines, countries, industries, and governments and providing research that influences thinking, changes policies, and positively transforms beyond the walls of academia.

Let’s dive into the Emerald titles that are newly available in HeinOnline.

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The First Battle of the American Civil War: The Battle of First Manassas

American History, Military and Government, Slavery in America and the World
Stephanie Ruesch

Both sides agreed the war would be over by Christmas. South Carolina had seceded from the Union the previous year, on December 20, 1860, and by February six more states had also left the Union. Newly independent South Carolina demanded the U.S. Army pull out of Charleston Harbor, but instead of leaving Carolinian waters, the army relocated to Fort Sumter. A tense siege followed, ending with gunfire on April 12, 1861. Read more about the fighting at Fort Sumter in this blog post. When the artillery stopped firing the next day, the U.S. Army abandoned the fort, four more Southern states seceded to join the Confederate States of America…

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Secrets of the Serial Set: The American Flag

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Tara Kibler

This month, HeinOnline continues its Secrets of the Serial Set series with a consideration of the origins and evolution of the American flag.

Secrets of the Serial Set is an exciting and informative monthly blog series from HeinOnline dedicated to unveiling the wealth of American history found in the United States Congressional Serial Set. Documents from additional HeinOnline databases have been incorporated to supplement research materials for non-U.S. related events discussed.


These posts have been so informative; they enable both patrons and staff to understand what the Serial Set is and how invaluable it is to all kinds of research…

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Tip of the Week: How to Search the Catalog

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

The easiest way to find out if a title exists in HeinOnline is to run a Catalog search. A Catalog search will search across the entire HeinOnline catalog, including MARC21 records. In this Tip of the Week, we’ll explore how to run a catalog search and what advanced catalog search options are available. Watch this short tutorial or keep reading to learn more.

One-Box Catalog Searching

Using the intuitive one-box search, users can easily search for terms within a publication title or the author of a publication at the title level…

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Tip of the Week: Locating Treaties in HeinOnline

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Tara Kibler

A treaty is an agreement between two or more nations. Sometimes also called accords, charters, conventions, pacts, or protocols, treaties can either be bilateral (between two countries) or multilateral (between three or more countries). Watch the video below or keep reading this guide to learn a few different methods for efficient treaty research in HeinOnline.

Treaties between the United States and Other Nations

HeinOnline offers a comprehensive collection of all United States treaties in its U.S. Treaties & Agreements Library

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All About Sonia Sotomayor

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Sonia Sotomayor is known as the first woman of color, first Hispanic, and first Latina member of the Supreme Court of the United States. In addition to being the third woman to hold the position, she has a passion for reforming the criminal justice system. Sotomayor has often been referred to as the woman who saved baseball, from her 1995 preliminary injunction against Major League Baseball. In today’s blog, we’ll explore Sotomayor’s education, early legal career, and notable rulings.

From the Beginning

Sotomayor was born and raised in the Bronx…

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New Expert Witness Integration with Courtroom Insight

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Author profile pages are an excellent way to showcase, promote, and contextualize the scholarly work of individual authors throughout HeinOnline. They provide a number of benefits for both the individual authors themselves and general HeinOnline users. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Courtroom Insight to enhance author profiles, and bring even more analytic information to the table. With this new integration, mutual customers have access to a rich and comprehensive platform that includes expert witness profiles carefully organized into logical and intuitive categories of expertise. Keep reading to learn more about this new feature.

About Courtroom Insight

Courtroom Insight is a customized knowledge management solution that enables law firms and other legal organizations to capture…

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New Database: Military and Government

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new database, Military and Government. With this new database, users can explore thousands of diverse publications related to the history, glory, and nitty-gritty of the U.S. Military. It has been added free of charge to select U.S. and Canadian Core subscriptions*. Learn more about this database in the video below, or keep reading for more details.

Fighting on Land, Air, Sea, and Space

Establishing and maintaining a military force is one of the oldest traditions in human history…

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