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New Databases

HeinOnline is constantly adding new and exciting content, increasing the value of your subscription with no additional cost to you. Multiple times a year, these additions take the form of an entirely new and unique HeinOnline database. Browse our newest databases below, and stay in the know about new database announcements by subscribing to the HeinOnline Blog.

Nominative Reports (English, Irish, and American)

June 2024

The most comprehensive collection of rare nominative reports available online from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. Available individually or as a package.

UK Parliamentary & Government Publications (Public Information Online)

April 2024

A partnership with Dandy Booksellers unlocking access to millions of pages of key UK Parliamentary materials, such as Command Papers and Hansard.

West Academic Casebooks Archive

March 2024

An unprecedented collection of thousands of West Academic Casebooks, Hornbooks, and Nutshells that have been instrumental in shaping legal education and guiding legal research for decades.

U.S. State Commitments with Foreign Governments

February 2024

Edited by Ryan Scoville, this is a groundbreaking collection of more than 750 legal and political commitments between U.S. states and foreign governments. Most have never before been published.

Sage Journals

5 New Packages Available
January 2024

Nearly 60 current content journals from the world's fifth-largest journal publisher, Sage, all in a fully searchable format.

Judges and the Judiciary: Exploring America's Court System

Formerly known as Congress and the Courts
September 2023

A fully revamped collection compiling comprehensive resources that analyze the complex web of judiciary structures, composition, oversight, procedures, and actions within America's court system.

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