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Customer Service Web Portal

Getting Started

Once you have submitted the Customer Service Web Portal access form, we will send you your access information, including a link to the site as well as your customer number and username. You will be prompted to set up your own personal password the first time you sign into the site.

Once you log into the Customer Service Web Portal, you will be directed to the welcome page. From here simplify your workflow with direct access to:


View, download, and print all invoices from the past 365 days.

Screenshot of customer invoices being viewed in the customer service web portal
Screenshot of a user statements within the customer service web portal


View, download, and print billing statements from the past 365 days.

Usage Statistics

View monthly usage stats for your institution/organization. The overall account level statistics are broken down by month based on hits, article requests, page views, and sessions (visits).

Screenshot of user statistics within the customer service web portal
image of HeinOnline's customer service portal showcasing the ability to view and edit IP addresses

IP Addresses - New!

Review and modify IP addresses associated with your account. Each IP address undergoes verification and manual updates by our technical support team.

Claim Status

Check the status of or edit an existing claim.

File a Claim

Submit a claim for any undelivered materials.

Account Branding

Submit a request to brand your HeinOnline Welcome page.

Customer Service Web Portal Access Form

Please fill out the form below to request access.

Customer Training Session