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LOVED seeing the “Women and the Law” database. I often get caught up in analytically thinking/speaking/writing like I am still in my undergraduate classes for my Bachelor’s degree (in Women’s and Gender Studies). This incredible database is filled with really great articles/work that helps combine the WGST discipline with the study and practice of law.”

Law Student (1L) | University of Missouri School of Law | April 2019

“When people (attorneys, clerks, pro se litgants) realize how easy it is to use HeinOnline, they want to use it more because they realize how powerful this resource really is.  Hein has been around for like forever but it has been in maybe the last decade that people have finally realized it’s utility in day-to-day litigation.  It’s become the ultimate diamond in the rough that will help you achieve success, every time (in any situation).

Typically, attorneys have used HeinOnline at the appeallate level.  In recent years, however, I have seen that attorneys discover the utility of Hein to help knock out cases at the trial level.  Simply put, if you can knock out a case with a summary judgment motion, why wouldn’t you use the power of HeinOnline.

Easy to use, easy to see how it can help in any situation.”

Bret Christensen | Outreach, Instruction, Reference Librarian | Charleston School of Law | March 2019

“HeinOnline is fantastic! For some students who are using government documents, it is a one-stop shopping situation. Very powerful search functionality, lots of options and ways to filter. Love it.”

“It’s super convenient for a number of the political science classes that I teach, particularly in terms of being able to use keyword searching in the main screen that grabs up laws, court cases, and journal articles in one fell swoop…HeinOnline is currently my go-to database for poli-sci, and I’m very happy with it.”

“My students in SOCL 317 have found HeinOnline useful in identifying primary documents and journal articles.”

Research Instruction Librarians | State University of New York at Geneseo | October 2018

“The other day a law professor informed me that HeinOnline is a “goldmine”–but I already knew that. Recently, I have used HeinOnline to help patrons find colonial-era laws about cross-dressing, an 1805 Louisiana Territory law, and early federal health and safety regulations. Some of these patrons had wasted time looking on Westlaw and Lexis, which simply don’t have what they needed.”

Mary Rumsey | Reference and Instructional Services Librarian, Willamette University College of Law | September 2018

“I have experience with legal research and have to say I’m very impressed with HeinOnline. I appreciate all the various features, related collections, and see that it offers all the essentials and more.”

Trenton Tubbs | Electronic Resources Librarian, Hawaii Pacific University | August 2018

“With faculty and students who research in a number of areas, it’s not unusual to get a question in academic law librarianship where you don’t know where to look.  One example is a professor I recently helped who was looking for pre-Dred Scott slavery cases.  He is researching the line of cases that led up to Dred Scott.  I tried all of the usual sources and had no luck; then I found the perfect set of information for him on HeinOnline in the Slavery in America and the World database.  He was thrilled.  I tell other librarians: before you decide something doesn’t exist, check Hein.”

Becka Rich | Senior Associate Director, Nova Southeastern University | April 2018

“Boy! We are loving HeinOnline!! This has to be the ultimate Gov Docs database. Thank you so much for setting up the trial for us! “

D. Waheedah Bilal | Reference Services Division, Missouri State Library | April 2018

“For undergraduate and graduate students conducting interdisciplinary research involving legal information, HeinOnline offers authentic and more comprehensive information than what can be found in the open web. HeinOnline is easy to use and provides both keyword and citation searches in all collections as well as unique search tools for primary source collections, making it unique among competitors. HeinOnline also offers superb support and fantastic user and librarian tools.”

Raquel Ortiz | Assistant Dean for Library & Information Services, RWU Law | October 2017

“I’ve been a user of HeinOnline products for nearly 20 years and find that the content is some of the most valuable I use in my legal research. It is one of the starting places which my librarians, researcher, and attorneys begin their research because of the wealth of information HeinOnline contains.

As a Chief Knowledge Services Officer, I also look for research tools which bring me a good return on our investment. HeinOnline is one of the products we use that gives us a high return on our investment. In fact, I would say that HeinOnline gives us the most bang for the buck.

If library schools are not teaching HeinOnline, then I would suggest that they do. I want newer librarians who I hire to be well versed in legal research tools like HeinOnline which don’t cost us, or our clients, an arm and a leg.”

Greg Lambert | Chief Knowledge Services Officer, Jackson Walker |  September 2017

“As a small, undergraduate institution, we have a specific need for a broad-based research database that crosses disciplinary lines to provide the greatest research value to our students. HeinOnline fulfills a niche not provided by other online databases at a cost per student below other research databases. HeinOnline, paired with FastCase, provides unmatched coverage appropriate for our undergraduate law courses. In addition, its coverage of history, political science, gender studies, and environmental issues serves multiple departments across campus and provides extensive resources appropriate for courses ranging from freshman composition to senior seminars. We are particularly happy with its American Indian Law Collection, which provides particular focus to an underserved community. The representatives at HeinOnline are responsive, cheerful, and fantastic to work with.”

University Librarian | May 2017

“Looking for an online legal database for research? HeinOnline is one of my go-to sources, and on more than one occasion has saved my bacon. [. . . ] The database has multiple options available for emailing, printing and downloading pages and sections of a volume, all for free!

From the obscure to the ubiquitous, Hein contains over 2,300 full-text journals such as the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, McGill Law Journal, andAdvocates’ Quarterly, just to name a few.”

“Beyond their database, Hein as an organization is dedicated to education and information sharing. They have a newly launched Youtube channel with dozens of training and informational videos to ensure users get the most out of the experience. The HeinOnline blog is absolutely top-notch, with timely, accurate information not just about their services, but also about the world in which they work and live. Guides to help the public arm themselves against fake news, articles delving into the history of race relations in the United States and legislative biographies of famous historical figures are all covered with equal veracity and equity.”

Hamilton County Law Library | February 2017

“Frankly, Hein’s database is very user-friendly.  If you can use Google (and who can’t?), you can HeinOnline!  Looking for a case, there’s a link for that!  Looking for a periodical, there’s a link for that!  Interested in International Law?  Well, you guessed it, there’s a link for that, too!  Hein designed their interface to suit any user, not just us sophisticated legal geniuses.”

“Wow. Just wow. Now…you need to start the process of getting access to this amazing resource here on the Registration Form page. It takes several hours or an overnight to get the registration activated, but once it’s activated, you have complete access to the collection – and to some help to go along with it (training guides, videos, and more). I can’t recommend this enough. And I can’t thank HeinOnline enough for this act of corporate citizenship.”

“What makes acquisition of this database exciting is its depth and its application to so many different disciplines and areas of study. While HeinOnline is an excellent resource for researchers looking for articles on legal issues of any kind, the collections have applicability to anyone studying history, political science, public policy and administration, homeland security, criminal justice, international relations, or any topic which involves those subjects.”

“In addition to text form, the PDF version of the documents are provided on HeinOnline in image form as they originally appear, unlike the ASCII text pages provided by the competition. This is important for preserving certain specialized fonts, tables, graphs or drawings often encountered in technical matters. These are lost in mere text formats provided by your competition. Moreover, this benefit is provided without the loss of hyperlinks to sources and references in the PDF because HeinOnline includes such links (if available) in the PDF file.”

HeinOnline User

“Unlike collections available on Westlaw and Proquest Congressional, most legislative histories I find on HeinOnline are actual treatises compiled by experts familiar with the legislation. This means that beyond the specific bill that becomes law, they include previous related bills and congressional reports and hearings related thereto. In contrast, I find that your competition seems to provide material that relates only to the final bill that becomes law. One cannot overstate the importance of this distinction for complete and thorough analysis of Congressional policy.”

University Professor | California

“When it comes to tracing historical development in the legal field HeinOnline feels like a “one stop shop.” The collections are vast and broad in range (i.e. periodicals, case law, statutes, journal articles, presidential libraries, treaties, and so much more), it is incredibly easy to use, and the image quality of documents is “second to none,” there is even an option to archive documents for future use. I love the functionality of the website because it is clearly labeled and streamlined, which makes it very user friendly. This is a database that deserves to be on everyone’s radar!”

Kimberley Fletcher | San Diego State University

“The University of Wisconsin Law Library would like to commend (and to thank) William S. Hein & Co. for making the newest HeinOnline collection, Slavery in America and the World, available free of charge. It is a very important collection and we are pleased to be able to offer it to our patrons. […] Please know the librarians who work here appreciate Hein’s gesture […].”

Carrie Doyle | University of Wisconsin

“My main reasons for advocating the addition of HeinOnline [was] . . . The historical completeness of the Hein collections on government and judicial materials, particularly going back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. This includes the large collection of administrative adjudications and decisions by government agencies over a time span that far exceeds that which may be covered on Westlaw or Lexis/Nexis.”

HeinOnline User

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