New Feature! Availability Facet Added to the Law Journal Library

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Tara Kibler

Over its 20 years of existence, HeinOnline has evolved into a premier online research platform primarily due to constructive feedback from its customers. When users find something in HeinOnline that can be enhanced, they send us an email, give us a call, start a live chat, or even send us a social media message. We carefully consider each request, and very often begin implementing the suggestion without delay.

Last month, we received another great suggestion over live chat. While performing some search queries in the Law Journal Library, Isabelle noticed that a few of her results were highlighted in red. These results indicated content that was indexed, but for which the full text document was not yet available. Though they are rare, we include these results in search queries to make discovery as comprehensive as possible. Isabelle was looking for a way to filter out those entries, however, so that she could see only the full-text results.

After receiving Isabelle’s suggestion, the chat representative forwarded it to our Development team who immediately began working on a solution for Isabelle’s problem. The result—a new Law Journal Library facet called Availability.

Using the Availability Facet Feature

HeinOnline’s journal coverage extends back to inception for each publication. More than 92% of our journal content is also available to the current issue or volume. The remaining 8% of recent journal content that is not currently available is fully indexed in HeinOnline. By indexing this content, users can search and browse the title, author, and abstract information for articles within those volumes.

Any indexed content is highlighted by a light red box in the results view. Though the full text is not available for that result, users can still view HeinOnline’s coverage of the publication as well as publisher and journal information. Institutions that have set up ISSN/ISBN or OpenURL linking through our Branding Program can also link the indexed result to another source in their library, if they have it available.

Use the new Availability facet to limit Law Journal Library results according to their full-text availability in HeinOnline. After performing any search in the database, find the facet in the list of filters on the left-hand side of the page.

Select “Full Text” to view a list of results for which the full text is available.

Select “Indexed” to view indexed entries.

Unselect either option to allow both types of results to appear in the query.

Keep in Touch with Us

Our goal at HeinOnline is to make sure you always have a top-notch research experience. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a suggestion for a correction or enhancement!

Tweet us, send us a message on Facebook, call us at 800-277-6995, or start a live chat with a HeinOnline representative. You can also find a feedback form directly in HeinOnline.

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