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Introducing Enhanced Faceting


At HeinOnline we are always trying to find ways to create smarter, better, faster research. With that in mind, we have enhanced our faceting tool. Enhanced faceting is a search feature that empowers users to quickly narrow down search results based on specific criteria. By selecting certain facets, you can instantly refine your search and zero in on the most relevant results. With tens of millions of pages to sift through in HeinOnline, refining your search queries has never been faster or more efficient. Watch this short video or keep reading to learn more.

What’s New

As an example, let’s run a broad search from welcome page for “artificial intelligence” OR AI. From the results page, we can see there are more than 1 million documents on this topic. To open the faceting tool, select any option listed under Refine Your Search.

image of faceting options listed to the left within search results

One of the key advantages of enhanced faceting is its ability to provide real-time results. As you tweak and adjust the facets, the search results dynamically update on the fly, giving you an updated result number. This tool allows you to zoom in on the precise information you need, whether it’s recent articles on a certain subject or studies conducted in a specific location. The possibilities are endless.

The selected facets will display at the bottom of the tool. Simply select the x next to the facet name if you wish to remove it.

image of faceting options that are selected shown at the bottom of the tool

Once you select Apply, you are directed back to the results page. Here you can see the original search of more than 1 million pages has drastically decreased. All selected facets can be seen under the Sort By option. You can remove the facets by simply selecting the x. Alternatively, you can open up the facet tool again to adjust the criteria.

image of a results page in HeinOnline where selected facets are displayed

Your Feedback: Fuel for Our Innovation

HeinOnline strives to make your research experience seamless and enjoyable. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve your research experience, let us know! You can fill out our feedback form or email us at holsupport@wshein.com.

Need more helping navigating our enhanced facets? Have a separate HeinOnline question? Contact our dedicated support team at 800-277-6995, email us, or live chat with us! Don’t forget to check out all of our support resources below.

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