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Behind the Binding: DE&I in the Law Journal Library


Everyone knows that HeinOnline offers a perpetually free Social Justice Suite consisting of five distinct databases in order to foster knowledge, facilitate civil discourse, and encourage action for the betterment of our nation (Psst, if you didn’t know, you can register here for free). But, did you know you can find similar subject matter relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) within the Law Journal Library? In today’s blog, we’ll explore just what you can find using our versatile browse and search tool, PathFinder. We’ll be back discussing the interesting content you can discover in the Law Journal Library, with our new blog series titled Behind the Binding.

Browsing DE&I Subjects

PathFinder is HeinOnline’s search and browse tool that assists users with navigating content with precision and ease across more than 1,500 multidisciplinary subjects. Users can use the browse tool within the Law Journal Library. Once you open the tool, you are presented with 5 broad overarching subjects with about 40 more nuanced subjects underneath them.

ProTip: Select Expand All to see every PathFinder subject available within the Law Journal Library.

image of the PathFinder tool in HeinOnline using the Expand All option

When the Law Journal Library was initially launched, it primarily consisted of journals related to the field of law. Today it boasts more than 1,5000 multidisciplinary topics, because as we all know, law tends to touch every aspect of life.

Now, let’s search for some terms that can be related to DE&I topics and see what we can find. Here are just a few examples:

Those are some of the more obvious subjects. Let’s dig a little deeper and locate some more:

Here are some strictly related to employment:

And, if you didn’t know, the Law Journal Library contains journals from more than 80 different countries. Here are just a few of the international-related subjects:

These are just a few hand-picked subjects. If you are ever looking to research a specific subject, whether it is DE&I-related or not, we always recommend exploring the PathFinder tool to discover the wealth of information within HeinOnline.

Searching DE&I Subjects

Now that we’ve explored how to browse subjects, let’s harness the power of PathFinder to fine-tune our search results. Imagine we’re crafting a paper about the discrimination faced by transgender individuals in correctional facilities. We can begin by running a broad search for transgender AND prison. Let’s refine the search of more than 6,000 results using PathFinder subjects. Opening up the tool, we can see a variety of DE&I subjects related to our search. Since our focus is on discrimination, let’s opt for that specific subject category.

image of the PathFinder tool showcasing De&I subjects

Once we apply this change, our results undergo a significant reduction to slightly over 400 entries. While we can further refine results based on our requirements, a quick glance reveals a number of articles relevant to our area of interest:

Behind the Binding

Join us as we continue to dive into the 45 million pages of treasures stashed away in the Law Journal Library. We’ll uncover the diversity of subjects, what the experts are saying on everyday topics, and insights into the evolution of scholarly opinions over time.

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