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William S. Hein & Co., Inc. & HeinOnline Website Merge


What started as a legal publishing firm 100 years ago has since become so much more. William S. Hein & Co., Inc. has been serving the library community since the 1920s, publishing books, producing microfiche, and, now in the digital age, creating multidisciplinary databases that go beyond just law with HeinOnline.

We’re pleased to announce that our William S. Hein & Co., Inc., website (wshein.com), which promotes our more traditional print and microfiche products, has been merged with our HeinOnline website (home.heinonline.org), which features our various online databases. This integration aims to provide a more cohesive experience for our users. Rest assured, all valuable information from the William S. Hein website will remain accessible, now in a more user-friendly format. If you’ve bookmarked wshein.com, there’s no need to worry; it will automatically redirect to the new page.

Hein’s History

Since its inception, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. has prioritized meeting the evolving needs of the law library community. From reviving out-of-print materials in the 1960s to pioneering an online research database in 2000, the company has forged strong customer relationships and provided essential research tools. HeinOnline, which launched in 2000, has evolved into a vast repository of more than 215 million pages spanning various disciplines. HeinOnline now offers more than 100 databases, integrating AI tools that elevate the research experience and increase discoverability.

image of William S. Hein & Co., Inc. employees in front of the HeinOnline building

But at the heart of it all remains a commitment to building trusting, productive relationships with customers to create the most innovative and user-responsive product. As a small, family-owned business, the Hein Company maintains the flexibility and creativity needed to respond and adapt to the ever-changing needs of libraries around the world.

Website Enhancements

The merger of this website not only consolidated our company branding into a single, user-friendly platform but also involved updates across various sections to incorporate fresh information and enhance browsing convenience. This includes a newly redesigned homepage that provides a more comprehensive overview of our company’s history, yet there are numerous other additions to explore. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

Mega Header

Our newly updated website features a mega header, simplifying navigation for users to quickly locate information while browsing. In addition, the header has been reorganized to incorporate details from the wshein.com website.

image of a mega header on the home.heinonline.org website showcasing company, products, partners & internations, support, blog, and contact.

The mega header still links to the HeinOnline Blog, but now it offers expanded access to various resources in the blog such as research topics, what’s new, blog series, and more.

image of the mega header on the home.heinonline.org website showcasing the HeinOnline Blog which features Research Topics, What's New, Using HeinOnline, and Blog Series

NOTE: We have disabled the William S. Hein blog (wshein.com/blog), however, new print titles will occasionally be featured on the HeinOnline Blog. Not subscribed? Sign up here.

Print Products & Account Services

Under Products, users can locate all the information on our print products including information on orders, claims, and returns. What’s more, easily access the print product catalog or sign into the Customer Service Web Portal to access invoices, statements, usage statistics, and much more. If you frequented the wshein.com website, this is the place where you’ll find all the information you need.

image of the Products option within the mega menu of the HeinOnline website showcasing all the print products

New Additions

In addition to transferring essential content from the wshein.com webpage, we have created new pages for the website to provide new and existing customers with more details on what HeinOnline has to offer.

  1. Integrations: From options for streamlined discovery to tools for organizing and storing searches, take a look at all of the partners and integrations that HeinOnline has implemented to improve the research experience.
  2. Partnered Consortia: Explore our growing list of consortia collaborations, representing our commitment to providing valuable legal research resources to libraries, institutions, and organizations across the globe.
  3. Author/Editorial Proposals: By submitting your proposal here for either a new book or database, you have the opportunity to join our esteemed community of authors and contribute to the advancement of scholarly research and understanding.
  4. Live Demos: Whether you’re interested in an introductory demo to HeinOnline to learn if our platform is right for your institution, or you’re a frequent user who wants advanced training on a particular topic, our HeinOnline experts are here to help.
image of the Integrations page on the HeinOnline website

Thank You For Being a Friend

We hope you enjoy our newly merged website, which brings together the best of both worlds in one convenient location. Our goal is to simplify your experience and provide you with seamless access to all the information you need. We sincerely hope you enjoy exploring the new features and improvements we’ve implemented. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts. As always, thank you for being supporters of HeinOnline.

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