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photo from William McKinley's final address at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York in 1901
Secrets of the Serial Set

Secrets of the Serial Set: The Assassination of William McKinley

It was none other than HeinOnline’s hometown of Buffalo, New York, where the third assassination of an American president took place on September 6, 1901. In this month’s Secrets of the Serial Set, we explore William McKinley’s violent death.

image of beach on Oahu

The History of Hawai‘i: How a Kingdom Became a State

The wildfires that ravaged the Hawai‘ian island of Maui and completely destroyed the city of Lahaina last month have rekindled conversations about the controversial history of how Hawai‘i came to be an American state in the first place.

paychecks, calculator, and glasses on a desk

The History of Minimum Wage in the United States

Millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet, working multiple jobs to make up for the fact that the federal minimum wage has not kept up with the rate of inflation. However, it hasn’t always been difficult to live off of a minimum wage job.

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Content Updates

What’s New in HeinOnline: August 2023 Content Release

As the summer gradually gives way to the crisp cool of autumn, students and scholars alike embark on a journey back to school. Just in time to enrich your pursuit of knowledge, we’re presenting our latest content release!

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Tips and Tricks

Ace the New Semester: 6 Back-to-School Tools in HeinOnline

With a new school year comes new research projects, but no need to fear—HeinOnline has the tools you need to make research a breeze! Utilize them to conquer any research-related challenge that this semester throws at you.

photo of Chinese flag
Secrets of the Serial Set

Secrets of the Serial Set: The Chinese Exclusion Act

The United States has a dark history regarding its immigration policies. One example of these laws was the Chinese Exclusion Act, which restricted immigration from China for decades after its passage in 1882.

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New Features

New Features Coming to HeinOnline, Just in Time for Back to School

With a new semester comes new features in HeinOnline to enhance your research experience. Two new enhancements are coming to your favorite research platform this fall: options for liking and commenting on documents, and a redesigned Welcome page.