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Lauren Zazzara
3d rendering of DNA
Health and Medicine

The Human Genome Project

Occasionally, the scientific community undertakes a task that is so important that it requires an international effort. One of these was the Human Genome Project—an effort to identify and sequence all 3 billion base pairs that make up human DNA.

hands on a laptop keyboard
Content Updates

What’s New in HeinOnline: March 2024 Content Release

As the trees and flowers come back to life, we too are blooming here at HeinOnline, with new databases, features, and content galore! While April may be known for its showers…the only showers here are showers full of new content for you to explore.

photo of the scales of justice
Gender Studies

5 Women Who Broke Legal Ground

The legal field was dominated by men until well into the 20th century. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re taking the opportunity to dive into HeinOnline and spotlight five women who broke down barriers and became trailblazers for women in law.

image of American flag and gavel
Content Updates

Subject Compilations of State Laws Update

The Subject Compilations of State Laws database has a new editor and has received several recent updates, such as nearly 400 new bibliographic entries and two new subjects!

image of someone putting a ballot in a box
Political Science

Primaries vs. Caucuses: How Presidential Nominees Are Chosen

Last month, Iowa held its Republican presidential caucus. A week later, New Hampshire held the first primary election of the 2024 election season. All these primaries and caucuses might have you wondering, what’s the difference?

photo of laptop and books on a desk in front of a bookcase
Content Updates

5 New Sage Current Content Packages

HeinOnline is excited to announce that we have expanded our collaboration with Sage publishers! As part of this collaboration, we are introducing five new current content packages designed to elevate your research experience.

Laptop next to yellow mug on white desk
Content Updates

What’s New in HeinOnline: January 2024 Content Release

Bask in the warm glow of your computer screen while you check out all of the exciting content that is now available for you to explore in HeinOnline; it may be the next closest thing to sunlight that we can get in the next few weeks.