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Category: Criminal Justice

Police car

The Right to Remain Silent: 53 Years of Miranda Rights

Fifty-three years ago today, the decision of Miranda v. Arizona significantly impacted law enforcement procedure, establishing that criminal suspects must be advised of their rights before being taken into police custody. Explore the Miranda v. Arizona case first-hand in HeinOnline.

inside of prison

Capital Punishment Research Resources in HeinOnline

Capital punishment is one of the most controversial issues facing global society. Many countries have abolished the death penalty. Those which have not include the United States, China, India, Japan, and most Islamic states. The U.S. is the only Western nation still using capital punishment.

Police standing in line in riot gear

Racial Disparity and Lethal Force

A study published in February 2018 by the American Journal of Public Health was conducted to update previous examinations of racial/ethnic disparities in the use of lethal force by law enforcement in the United States. Join HeinOnline as we take a deeper dive into this hot topic.

Hands holding a gun

Deadly Shootings and Gun Laws

In the first seven weeks of 2018, there have been several school shootings in the United States. With the latest school shootings, and other mass shootings, there has been on ongoing debate circling gun laws. Let’s take a look at what has been happening and what laws are currently in place.

USA Flag behind a prison gate

Wrongful Convictions and Innocence Projects

The Innocence Project celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this month. The number of exonerations in the United States has increased each year for the past three years, and recently hit a record high. HeinOnline is proud to support various innocence projects around the United States.

Watergate Complex from the air

The Watergate Scandal, Part II: Pentagon Papers

Earlier this summer we blogged about HeinOnline’s journal and government document coverage. The blog provided a brief synopsis of the Watergate Scandal and how to research this topic. Let’s now look at the link between the Watergate scandal and the Pentagon Papers.

A gun sitting on top of a bible

Serial Killers, Book Deals, and Legal Research

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the arrest of serial killer David Berkowitz, more famously known as “Son of Sam” or the “.44 caliber killer.” Research the resulting laws, related constitutional issues, and Supreme Court cases on this killer topic in HeinOnline.

Side view of the White House

Presidential Pardoning Power

Recently, the Law Librarian Blog posted this short piece on whether or not a president can pardon himself. If a researcher would like to dig a bit deeper into this complicated topic, HeinOnline has a new beta tool which provides users with the ability to quickly and easily retrieve similar articles.

The White House at night

The Watergate Scandal: Part I

Although the Watergate scandal happened in the early 1970s, it’s been in the news recently. Most people associate Watergate with President Richard M. Nixon’s eventual resignation, but what happened leading up to that? Join us as we dive into the Watergate scandal.