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Category: Pop Culture

statue of walt disney and mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse (at last!) in the Public Domain

As of January 1, 2024, Mickey Mouse is in the public domain—well, kind of. Mickey’s journey from the Magic Kingdom to public domain re-wrote U.S. copyright law.

black and white image of a typewriter

Behind the Bindings: The Tortured Poets Department Edition

Did you know there is this super secret corner in the Law Journal Library called the Tortured Poets Department? It’s a hidden gem for all you Swifties out there, but instead of Taylor Swift lyrics, we’re talking about some seriously poetic legal stuff.

photo of the fire at Mount Carmel in Waco, TX

4 Notorious Cults in American History

For this blog, we use “cult” to refer to groups with a leader who exerted an excessive and dangerous amount of control over their followers. Let’s dive into where each of these four cults came from and how they came to their tragic end.

image of two people holding beer glasses during a cheers

Hops and Hurdles: Navigating Beer Laws

What better day than today, National Beer Lover’s Day, to delve into the fascinating world of beer laws across the states? We’ll be your guide through the maze of beer regulations, using National Survey of State Laws.

person holding a phone that is loading the social media app TikTok

The TikTok Ban: A New Era in Social Media Regulation

As 2023 unfolds, concerns persist within the Biden Administration regarding the potential for Beijing to gain access to sensitive data of American users or exploit its algorithm to disseminate propaganda via TikTok.

image of clovers

A Wee Bit o’ Fun: 7 Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

Today we’re going to shamrock your world with some St. Patrick’s Day facts that will make you feel like you’ve struck gold. From leprechauns to corned beef, get ready to jig your way into a wealth of information about this beloved Irish holiday.