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5 Little-Known Treasures in HeinOnline

We’re going to bring you some of the most bizarre hidden gems you can stumble across in your research. Let’s take a look at some of HeinOnline’s little-known treasures that our employees have found throughout the years

Orville Wright in flight over Huffman Prairie in Wright Flyer I

Secrets of the Serial Set: The Legacy of the Wright Brothers

The holiday season tends to be the busiest time of year at airports across the United States. However, it is possible that nobody would be flying home for the holidays if it hadn’t been for the ingenuity and determination of the Wright brothers.

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3 Volumes of Coca-Cola Trademark Cases Now Available in HeinOnline

We love to hear your suggestions—you know best about what you want to see within HeinOnline. So we were thrilled to see this tweet about a title compiling Coca-Cola’s various trademark infringement cases. We now have all 3 volumes in HeinOnline!

Katy Perry

Coming for Katy Like a Dark Horse: Copyright Law in the U.S.

Pop singer Katy Perry was dealt a crushing blow when a jury found that her song “Dark Horse” had copied the work of Marcus Gray. Copyright law is a challenging field to navigate. To help, HeinOnline has compiled critical U.S. legislation relating to intellectual property into one unique database.

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Now We Got Bad Blood: Taylor Swift & Copyright Law

Recently, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has had to shake off claims that she stole her lyrics for her famous 2014 hit single “Shake It Off.” Call it what you want, but Swift has caused some bad blood in the industry.