American Law Institute Library

American Law Institute Library

This database contains full runs of the Institute's Annual Reports, Proceedings, Annual Meeting Speeches, and the Institute's newsletter, The ALI Reporter. It also includes both current and archival Restatements of the Law, Uniform Commercial Code, Model Penal Code, ALI-ABA Periodicals, and the Statement of Essential Human Rights (a pioneering ALI project of the mid-1940s).


“This is the most prestigious legal group in the United States. The American Law Institute is the leading institution in forming written expression of legal principles that have evolved in many areas of the law.”

– Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, ALI Annual Meeting, May 2002

Restatements of the Law

Includes current Restatements!

Restatements are essentially codifications of common law judge-made doctrines that develop gradually over time because of the principle of stare decisis. Although Restatements are not binding authority in and of themselves, they are highly persuasive because they are formulated over several years with extensive input from law professors, practicing attorneys, and judges. The Restatements of the Law is one of the most respected and well-used sources of secondary authority, covering nearly every area of common law. We have reordered this subcollection to be listed by category. Each category includes a more information link along with a description of the agency.

HeinOnline coverage includes: Restatements of the Law Index, Agency, Business Associations, Conflict of Laws, Contracts, Economic Torts and Related Wrongs, Employment Law, Foreign Relations Law of the United States, Judgments, The Law Governing Lawyers, Property, Property: Landlord and Tenant, Property: Donative Transfers, Property: Wills and other Donative Transfers, Property: Servitudes, Property: Mortgages, Property: Joint Ownership, Restatement in the Courts, Restitution, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Sales of Land, Security, Suretyship and Guaranty, Torts, Trusts, Unfair Competition, and more!

Tentative Drafts and Proposed Final Drafts are included in this database upon their publication. Once approved by the Council and by the ALI membership at an Annual Meeting, Tentative Drafts and Proposed Final Drafts represent the most current statement of ALI’s position on a subject and may be cited in opinions or briefs in accordance with Bluebook rule 12.9.4 until the official text is published.

The material in Preliminary Drafts and Council Drafts is subject to significant change during the project development process. Thus, these Drafts are not included in this database until six months following the completion of a project, when they are made available by ALI for archival purposes only.

Principles of the Law

Just as the ALI’s Restatements of the Law contain clear
formulations of common law and its statutory elements
or variations, reflect the law as it presently stands or
might plausibly be stated by a court, the ALI’s Principles
of the Law analyze legal areas thought to be in need of
reform. Principles aim to express the law as it should
be. Like Restatements, Principles publications use the
familiar black-letter statements of recommended legal rules, supports by Comments, Illustrations, and Reporter’s Notes.

Uniform Commercial Code

The UCC is a comprehensive code addressing most
aspects of commercial law, and is generally viewed as
one of the most important developments in American
law; it has been enacted (with some local variations)in
49 states and in the District of Columbia and the Virgin
Islands, as well as partially in Louisiana. HeinOnline
includes includes UCC Drafts from 1944 through current,
including the 1962 Official Text with Comments.

ALI Annual Reports

The Reports contain information about the Institute’s
organization, leadership, and current projects. They
also include the Reports of the Institute’s Director and
Treasurer. Annexes to the Reports provide information
on published case citations to Restatements of the
Law and to ALI codifications and studies. Coverage in
HeinOnline begins with the 15th Annual Meeting in 1937.

Proceedings of ALI Annual Meetings

These volumes are edited transcripts of ALI Annual
Meetings. They are published about once a year after a
particular meeting. Coverage in HeinOnline begins from

ALI Annual Meeting Speeches

Coverage in HeinOnline contains speeches from 1923
through current.

Miscellaneous Publications

HeinOnline’s ALI Collection includes publications such
as: ALI’s 50th and 75th Anniversary Volumes, The
Preparation of ALI Drafts: Directions for Reporters,
Report of the Special Committee on Future Program,
Minutes in Remembrance from 1925-1997, and several
other miscellaneous documents.

The ALI Reporter

The Institutes quarterly newsletter contains the latest
information about ALI projects, meetings and members.
Coverage in HeinOnline contains the newsletter’s 1st
volume in 1978.

“Statement of Essential Human Rights” Archive

A pioneering ALI project of the mid 1940’s, “Statement
of Essential Human Rights” is the Institutes contribution to post-war problems. For years it has been stored in the dark archives, never before available in digital format!

Model Penal Code

The purpose of the Model Penal Code was to stimulate
and assist legislatures in making a major effort to
appraise the content of the penal law by a contemporary
reasoned judgment the prohibitions it lays down, the
excuses it admits, te sanctions it employs, and the range
of the authority that it distributes and confers. Since
its promulgation, the Code has played an important
part in the widespread revision and codification of the
substantive criminal law of the United States. HeinOnline
includes the original Proposal to Prepare a Model Penal
Code, Discussion, Counsil, Preliminary, and Tentative
Drafts, as well as other Miscellaneous Documents
related to the Code starting with 1951.

ALI-CLE Periodicals

ALI-ABA has been a leader in continuing professional
education in the United States for nearly 60 years. In
1947, the American Bar Association asked the American
Law Institute to develop the first national program of
post-admission legal education, which eventually lead to
the creation of ALI-CLE.
ALI-ABA publishes several legal magazines to help
keep professionals current in every area of the law.
HeinOnline includes the following periodicals: ALI-ABA
Estate Planning Course Materials Journal, The CLE
Journal, The Practical Lawyer, The Practical Litigator,
The Practical Real Estate Lawyer, and the Practical Tax