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Law Journal Library

The Law Journal Library is HeinOnline's signature collection of more than 3,200 fully searchable, image-based journals, each dating back to the first issue ever published. This scholarly journals database spans more than 45 million pages and 40 disciplines, bridging a crucial research gap.







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An Authoritative Scholarly Journals Database

In both the academic and professional realm, scholarly journals are a go-to resource for original research, in-depth analyses, review articles, and book reviews relating to any subject. To provide easy access to these authoritative sources, HeinOnline has compiled more than 3,200 online scholarly journals in a fully searchable image-based database known as the Law Journal Library. Every document in the library is an exact facsimile of its print counterpart, while still providing the ease and speed that accompanies online searching. To improve the discoverability of relevant content, HeinOnline has incorporated unique artificial intelligence tools and research aids into the database interface. 

Though initially named the “Law” Journal Library, this resource has grown from a small collection of law reviews to a multidisciplinary journals database spanning more than 45 million pages. Its coverage is comprehensive, beginning with the first issue ever published, and includes works from 60 different countries, as well as all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The 3,200 journals in the library span more than 40 broad disciplines, including:

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Artificial Intelligence Tools

HeinOnline hopes to streamline the research experience by incorporating natural language processing and machine learning tools throughout its scholarly journals database. These tools, powered by artificial intelligence, vastly improve the discoverability of relevant content contained throughout the Law Journal Library. 

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Found the perfect article? Extract "interesting words" from the piece to generate a list of similar works.

Keyword Search Builder tool in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, a collection of online scholarly journals.

Keyword Search Builder

Is your go-to search just not working? Adjust the weight of your keywords to better refine your results.

Subject and Entity Extraction

Researching a certain subject or entity? Browse articles by subject, location, person, organization, and more.

ScholarCheck: Analyzing the Impact of Online Scholarly Journals

When using scholarly journals and other secondary sources for research, it’s essential to know exactly how authoritative the source is in the content of your field. To assist researchers with this task in its own scholarly journals database, HeinOnline has created ScholarCheck. This series of tools and features determines which articles have had a heavy influence on the subject in question. Learn more

Citation and Access Analysis

ScholarCheck analyzes every article's citations to determine the most-cited journals, articles, and authors. In addition, it allows users to see view and access articles cited by other articles.

Tablet view of ScholarCheck metrics

Inline Hyperlinking

ScholarCheck provides inline hyperlinking to cited material both in and out of the journals database so users can quickly access relevant content.

Author Rankings

Furthermore, ScholarCheck's citation metrics have led HeinOnline to create ScholarRank, an overall ranking of authors throughout the scholarly journals database. Learn more

Picture of Bonnie Shucha's author profile page

MyHein: A Power Researcher's Best Friend

MyHein, HeinOnline’s personal research tool, enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and set up electronic table of contents (eTOC) alerts. Set up a MyHein account from anywhere in HeinOnline and use it to streamline research throughout HeinOnline’s 3,200 online scholarly journals. 

Create and Export Bookmarks

Bookmark an article from within search results or from inside a document. Select multiple results to save them all at once. Organize bookmarks by adding tags.

Save Search Queries

Constructed the perfect search? Save that query for later. Organize your list of saved queries with topic tags. Receive an email alert whenever new material is added to results.

Get Alerts for Updated Content

Create electronic table of contents (eTOC) alerts and be notified when your favorite scholarly journals are updated in HeinOnline. View saved alerts from your MyHein account.

eTOC alerts tool in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, a collection of scholarly journals, law reviews, and legal periodicals.

Other Tools and Features

Citation Tools

Locate scholarly journals in seconds with our Citation Search bar. Within a document, find that work's citation in a variety of formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Bluebook, OSCOLA, and McGill Guide. Export those citations to Refworks, to Endnote, or as a text file.
Learn more. 

Author Profile Pages

Every author featured in our scholarly journals database has an author profile page, making it easy for authors to showcase their work and for researchers to learn about the qualifications, interests, and writings of any author they enjoy.
Learn more. 

Venn Diagram Search

Both novice and experienced researchers can visualize the results yield of various keywords with the Venn Diagram Search. In Venn Diagram format, view the results of any number of keyword combinations. Refine the search and watch the diagram change in real time.
Learn more. 

Explore This Author

Use the Explore This Author feature to visualize the context of an author within his or her field. An interactive flow chart allows users to discover the author's frequent co-authors, subjects, scholarly journals, and more.
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