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A digital collection of documents from The American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank dedicated to defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building a freer and safer world.







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About the American Enterprise Institute

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) was founded in 1938 for the purpose of “bringing about a greater public knowledge and understanding of the social and economic advantages accruing to the American people through the maintenance of the system of free, competitive enterprise.” A public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C., AEI employs scholars that conduct research advocating for free enterprise. It also focuses on the world economy, U.S. foreign policy and international security, and domestic political and social issues. The American Enterprise Institute is an independent institution that is not affiliated with any political party and is governed by a board of trustees. Moreover, their work is funded by donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals.

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About HeinOnline and AEI

This database brings AEI’s collection of scholarship to HeinOnline’s fully searchable image-based format. Unique to this collection is the ability to search by Policy Area, a subject identifier assigned by AEI to each of its publications. Policy Areas within these main categories further organize publications into more specific areas. Browse titles in HeinOnline by Policy Area or use the facets under Refine Your Search to limit search results. Browse titles in HeinOnline by Policy Area or use the facets under Refine Your Search to limit search results. Easily search the full text of all publications, including titles that have not yet been released by the AEI. 

The American Enterprise Institute's Policy Areas

Unique to the American Enterprise Institute database is the ability to browse titles by policy area , a subject identifier assigned by the Institute to each of its publications. Each of the Institute’s main policy areas are further categorized into more specific areas, as well. Because AEI applies one or more of these policy areas to each title its scholars publish, those assignments have been preserved in HeinOnline. The following main policy areas are available:

AEI’s economic policy scholars aim to preserve and promote free-market economies in the United States and around the world. Their scholars work to advance policy outcomes that achieve a better understanding of economic policy on issues such as tax and budget policy, financial markets, labor economics, retirement policy, health care, and international finance and trade.

AEI’s education policy scholars are exploring ways to strengthen America’s educational system, examining issues affecting early childhood, K–12, and higher education. Their scholars are committed to steering a path toward reform that serves students, encourages personal responsibility, and empowers parents , communities, and educators . Additionally, they seek to overhaul outdated institutions, battle one-size-fits-all bureaucracy, and promote the values that have helped fuel America’s success.

AEI’s health policy scholars offer pro-market solutions to the nation’s health care crisis that promote high-quality, affordable, and efficient services for patients, encourage competition and innovation, and empower individuals. Their scholars also examine issues such as the financing and regulation of health care, prescription drug pricing and competition, Medicare and Medicaid reform, and the opioid epidemic.

AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars believe that American global leadership is vital to a peaceful, prosperous, and free world. Additionally, their research focuses on both today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges. Topics of study include national security and defense, global terrorism, transnational threats, and economic statecraft, across several regions and countries.

AEI’s politics and public opinion scholars are highlighting the links among the pressing demographic, social, economic, and political issues of our day. They also call attention to trends that characterize American life. Their research is informed by the understanding that freedom and prosperity depend on healthy social and political institutions.

AEI’s poverty studies scholars aim to maintain the nation’s progress in improving poverty while identifying public policy innovations needed to increase economic and social success. Further, the program’s scholars emphasize encouraging work, promoting two-parent families, and following the evidence to improve America’s safety net.

AEI’s scholars in this policy area focus on the challenge of allowing virtue to flourish in tandem with freedom and material progress. Their scholars promote an understanding of American culture and values and explore how that understanding should in turn inform U.S. public policy.

AEI’s technology policy scholars offer research and commentary across a range of topics related to internet regulation, telecommunications, intellectual property, and other tech issues.

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