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Israel Law Reports

Digital access to the complete run of the Israel Law Reports, including more than 220 cases, and the Israel Law Review from inception to current.







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About the Israel Law Reports Database

Israel’s judicial system is made up of secular courts and religious courts, constituting a separate and independent unit of Israel’s Ministry of Justice, run by the President of the Supreme Court and the Minister of Justice. The Supreme Court has ultimate appellate jurisdiction over all other civil and military courts, and in some cases, original jurisdiction in criminal and civil cases. The High Court of Justice or otherwise the Israeli Supreme Court sometimes acts not as an appellate body to the district court but as an overseer of justice against the lower courts.

Enhancing research capabilities, Israel Law Reports provides access to more than 220 of these cases in a searchable, digital format. Locating cases has never been easier than with HeinOnline’s citation and full-text search. Peruse through more than 50 volumes of the Israel Law Review, dating back to inception. Linking to other law journal articles that cite Israel Law Reports and Israel Law Review can also be found, when available. 

Cumulative tables are included for reference to other volumes in the database, as well as to select cases for specified time periods. Also a “Table of Cases Published in English Translation” lists, in alphabetical order, all cases that have been translated into English and appear in the Selected Judgment of the Supreme Court of Israel Series and in the present Israel Law Reports Series.

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