Philippine Law Collection

Philippine Law Collection

The Philippine Law Collection includes titles on subjects such as civil rights, criminal law and procedure, economic reform, foreign policy, insurance, military law, trade regulations, and more. Key titles include the Philippine Law Journal, Philippine Treaty Series, and Philippine Permanent and General Statutes.

Title List:

Featured Titles:

  • Philippine Law Journal – Vols. 1-89#2 (1914-2015)
  • Philippine Treaty Series: A Collection of the Texts of Treaties and Other International Agreements to Which the Philippines is a Party – 9v. Quezon City: Law Center, University of the Philippines, 1944-1983
  • National Administrative Register – Vols. 1-26#2 (1990- 2015)
  • Reports of Cases – 120v. Manila: Government Printing Office, 1901-1964
  • Journal of the Philippine Association on Voluntary Arbitration – Vols. 1-9#1 (1996-2015)
  • Philippine Permanent and General Statutes, 1971-1972, 1978-2009

Browse By Subject Feature

In addition to being able to browse by title, author, and date, you can also browse and search the collection by subject. Simply click on the subject you are interested in and you will be directed to a list of relevant titles.

Searching Example

Search the collection by title, author, date, and subject. To search all titles, go to “Advanced Search” under the toolbar and type in your search term. From your search results you can refine your results by using the left sidebar.

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