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Standard Federal Tax Reporter

A comprehensive collection of federal income tax information from inception in 1917 through 1985.







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About the Standard Federal Tax Reporter Database

The Standard Federal Tax Reporter contains a comprehensive collection of federal income tax information, such as the full text of all proposed, temporary and final federal income tax law regulations, as well as the full text of federal administrative rulings and documents. This collection of materials provides more information about historical regulatory precedents that can be incredibly relevant to the formation of current regulations.

Due to an agreement with Wolters Kluwer, this publication has been made available only to academic institutions via subscription to HeinOnline’s Taxation & Economic Reform in America. Digital ownership of this database is also available to academic subscribers.

Non-academic organizations who subscribe to Standard Fed Plus through Wolters Kluwer may automatically access the archives, hosted digitally by HeinOnline, through their existing subscription.

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Using the Database

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