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Women and the Law

A unique collection of books, biographies, and periodicals dedicated to the discussion of women’s rights over the past centuries, covering hot topics such as abortion, the education of women, women in the workforce, and more.







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About the Women and the Law Database

HeinOnline is pleased to offer Women and the Law (Peggy), a database that brings together thousands of books, biographies, and periodicals that allow users to research the progression of women’s rights over the past 200 years. Discover primary legal and political sources as well as secondary scholarly analysis of issues such as abortion, women in the workforce, the education of women, women’s suffrage, and more.

Affectionately nicknamed for the mother of Hein’s CEO (Margaret “Peggy” Marmion), this database also includes titles from Emory University Law School’s Feminism and Legal Theory Project which provide a platform to view the effect of law and culture on the female gender.

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Dedication of This Collection to Two Special Women

We are dedicating this library to the memory of two significant women who had a critical role in the development of the library. First, Ilene N. Hein who passed away in 2012. Ilene cofounded William S. Hein & Co., Inc. in 1961 alongside her husband Bill. Many people recognized Bill, Sr. as our first President and CEO and are even more familiar of his travels with Bill Jr., Hein's Chairman of the Board, who has guided the Company since his dad's passing in 1976. Like most women of her generation, Ilene was not fully recognized for her corporate contributions. Ilene worked actively from 1961-1992 at the Hein Company; she set the highest standard for customer service and values that have become the cornerstone of Hein's customer service.

Finally, to my mom, Margaret (Peggy) Marmion, who passed away in April 2009. She was an avid supporter of women's rights, although most of her career she raised eight children and unselfishly put her own interests behind the needs of her family. If she were born a few generations later I'm sure she would have been running a corporation or changing the world in some way. Her passion lives within me, my brother, and six sisters. Consequently, the subtitle for this library is Peggy.

Bill and I thank you again for your support. We challenge each librarian to encourage their colleagues to contribute and check their collection for important content that could be added. We welcome your thoughts and comments.

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Portrait of Margaret (Peggy) Marmion

Using the Women and the Law Database

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