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Why Publishers Choose HeinOnline

Destination Database

Make your publications available in a research platform that’s become the standard for schools, firms, and libraries around the world.

Accessed Worldwide

Hundreds of thousands of IP addresses across more than 175 countries access HeinOnline daily, resulting in millions of hits each day.

Unprecedented Coverage

Our multidisciplinary journal library contains more than 3,000 journals, reviews, and yearbooks which all have coverage dating back to inception.

More than 3,000 law reviews, journals, and yearbooks have chosen HeinOnline as their preferred publication platform. HeinOnline is an ever-growing research database beloved by universities, libraries, and law firms around the world. Equipped with unique features to increase the discoverability of its publications, HeinOnline is the sensible choice for any publisher. 

With fully-searchable image-based PDFs, artificial intelligence tools, cross-library linking, and more, HeinOnline makes it easier than ever for researchers to access your publications. Help us to help you—submit your publisher request today.

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American Association of Law Libraries
American Bar Association
American Law Institute
American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy
Ames Foundation
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Animal Welfare Institute
Association of American Law Schools
Australian Law Reform Commission
Arnold & Porter
Blackwell Publishing Ltd.-UK
Canada Law Book
Catholic University Press
CATO Institute
Copyright Society of the USA
Covington & Burling, LLP
De Gruyter Publishing
Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
Federal Legal Publications
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Informa UK Ltd.
Institute of Art and Law
International Labor Office
International Law Association
International Trademark Assn
Jefferson Law Book Co.
John Hopkins University Press
JUTA & Co., Ltd.
National Center on Poverty Law
National Moot Court Competition
Paris Legal Publishers
Selden Society
Stair Society
Sweet & Maxwell
Tax Foundation of America
The Lawbook Exchange Ltd.
UBC Press
United Nations Publications
University of Chicago Press
University of North Carolina Press
University of Toronto Press
Wolters Kluwer
And many more!

Providing Ease of Accessibility to Create Readership

Discovery Tool

ScholarCheck, Hein’s unique discovery tool, allows researchers to quickly view and access journal articles and cases which heavily influence the subject they are researching.

User Alerts

Users can set up alerts for when new content is added to your publication in HeinOnline, making it easy for scholars and librarians to stay on top of new material you publish.

Cross-Library Linking

With cross-library linking in various HeinOnline databases, cross-references between your material and other content will automatically be linked to each other.

Dedicated Support

HeinOnline support is available to users through curated guides, video tutorials, live chat, and web-based training, all of which helps researchers easily access your material.

User-Friendly Interface

Citation navigators, catalog searching, and extensive advanced search options allow researchers to easily discover and quickly access your publications.


Access Options

We can either include your most current material or apply a moving wall. We still index the embargoed issues or volumes with a link to your site, allowing researchers to discover and purchase your recent content.

Image-Based PDFs

All HeinOnline documents are added as PDFs, providing an exact image of each page as it appears in the original print copy. Every image-based PDF is fully searchable, and each chart, graph, or other inserted content appears exactly where it belongs.

Cataloging Records

Cassidy Cataloguing, the official cataloger for HeinOnline, offers high-quality MARC21 catalog records for various HeinOnline databases. Libraries use the MARC records to update their catalogs, driving more readers to your content.