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Why Do Publishers Choose HeinOnline?

Destination Database

Authors want their material to be in a database that has become the gold standard for all law schools and researchers throughout the world.

Scholars Worldwide Go to HeinOnline for Research

More than 3,200 locations in over 175 countries are accessing HeinOnline on a daily basis, resulting in more than 40-60 thousand Active IP Addresses and 1.5-3 million hits daily.

Image-Based PDF Format

All documents in the database are in PDF format, providing the exact page images as they appear in the original print copy. This means all charts, graphs, tables, pictures, and footnotes appear where they belong.

World’s Largest Image-Based Legal Research Database

There are more than 150 million pages of content spanning more than nine centuries of legal history in HeinOnline.

Cross-Library Linking

Various libraries in HeinOnline feature cross-library linking. Therefore if the material you have in HeinOnline references other material, or other content references your material, they will be linked to each other. An example of this is Fastcase. Fastcase and HeinOnline’s partnership provides federal and state case law to HeinOnline Core subscribers via inline hyperlinks, along with the option to retrieve case law by citation. 

Accessibility Creates Readership

HeinOnline makes it easy for libraries to offer access to all their researchers through IP registration, the ability to set up off-campus proxies, UK Federation (Shibboleth or OpenAthens) authentication, and section 508 compliance.

Resources from HeinOnline are also integrated into the Encore Discovery Solution provided by Innovative and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

HeinOnline App

Users will have access to your material on their iPhone/iPad! They can view the image-based PDFs, access content by citation, browse by volume, navigate a volume with the electronic table of contents, and use full advanced searching techniques.

HeinOnline Help & Support

HeinOnline Help & Support is our resource center for all things HeinOnline! Users can find materials such as guides, video tutorials, library specific support and web-based training. This allows researchers access to material that shows them how to best utilize and search the content in HeinOnline.

Flexible Subscription Options

We offer a variety of subscription options, including a core subscription package which includes libraries such as the Law Journal Library. Subscription rates depend upon the size and type of institution, and the length and content of a subscription. 

Cataloging Records

Cassidy Cataloguing is the official cataloger for HeinOnline. Cassidy Cataloguing offers high-quality MARC21 catalog records for various databases in HeinOnline. Libraries utilize the MARC records to update their catalogs, thus driving more readers to HeinOnline. Cassidy offers free customer service and no-charge customization for any records collection.


Publishers with content in HeinOnline:

  • American Association of Law Libraries
  • American Bar Association
  • American Law Institute
  • Ames Foundation
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Association of American Law Schools
  • Australian Law Reform Commission
  • Arnold & Porter
  • ASIL
  • Blackwell Publishing Ltd-UK
  • Brill
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Canada Law Book
  • Catholic University Press
  • CATO Institute
  • CCH, A Wolters Kluwer Business
  • Copyright Society of the USA
  • Covington & Burling, LLP
  • De Gruyter Publishing
  • Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
  • Fastcase
  • Federal Legal Publications
  • Hague Academy
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
  • Informa UK Ltd
  • Institute of Art and Law
  • International Labor Office
  • International Law Association
  • International Trademark Assn
  • Jefferson Law Book Co
  • John Hopkins University Press
  • JUTA & Co., Ltd
  • Kluwer
  • McGill Institute and Center for Air and Space Law
  • National Center on Poverty Law
  • National Moot Court Competition
  • Oxford University Press
  • Paris Legal Publishers
  • Sage Publications Limited
  • Selden Society
  • Stair Society
  • Sweet & Maxwell
  • Tax Foundation of America
  • Taylor & Francis Group
  • The Lawbook Exchange Ltd
  • United Nations Publications
  • University of Chicago Press
  • University of North Carolina Press
  • University of Toronto Press
  • UBC Press
  • United Nations
  • And many more