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New HeinOnline Integration: Altmetric

New feature explores the social impact of schoalrly works.

March 4, 2024

March 2024.

HeinOnline, a product of William S. Hein & Co., Inc., is pleased to announce a brand-new integration with Altmetric, a tool that follows online attention across news outlets, websites, blogs, social media, and more, tracking thousands of online conversations to uncover the societal impact of scholarly works.

The new tool joins our home-grown citation tool, ScholarCheck, in providing researchers with ways to quickly locate authoritative material in HeinOnline. For more information, visit our blog: https://home.heinonline.org/blog/2024/03/beyond-citations-new-altmetric-feature-explores-the-social-impact-of-scholarly-works/

Altmetric logo

Altmetric in HeinOnline

In HeinOnline, an Almetric donut badge will only appear if an article includes a Digital Object Identifier, also known as a DOI, and at least 1 metric from an outside online source.

The outside sources include:

  • Public policy documents
  • Online reference managers
  • Social media (Facebook, X, Google+, etc.)
  • Wikipedia
  • Citations
  • Mainstream media
  • Post-publication peer-review platforms
  • Patents (data from IDI Claims)
  • Academic and non-academic blogs
  • Research highlights
  • Multimedia and other online platforms (YouTube, Reddit, etc.)

These badges are updated daily. Selecting the donut badge brings users to the Altmetric Attention Score page for that article. The summary tab contains general information regarding the paper. It also contains a visual representation of the location of users from X, formerly known as Twitter, and Mendeley readers who are sharing the output.

screenshot of Altmetric Attention Score page

The Altmetric Attention Score for a research output indicates the amount of attention it has received. The score is derived from an automated algorithm and represents a weighted count of the amount of attention picked up for an article. Researchers can set up email alerts to tell them when an article has been mentioned. This allows researchers and authors to track ongoing attention associated with an article.

Altmetric badges can be found in four different places in HeinOnline:

  1. Search results (located to the right of the document, next to the ScholarCheck metrics)
  2. Author Profile Pages (located next to the ScholarCheck metrics of the author’s listed works)
  3. Viewing an article (located next to the ScholarCheck metrics above the table of contents)
  4. MyHein (any article with an Altmetric badge that a user saves to their MyHein account will display there as well)

About HeinOnline & William S. Hein & Co., Inc.

HeinOnline is a product of William S. Hein & Co., Inc., a leading publishing company that has been serving the law library community for 100 years. HeinOnline is a premier online research database that provides comprehensive coverage from inception of more than 3,300 multidisciplinary periodicals, essential government documents, international treaties and trials, case law, and much more. Composed of image-based PDFs and available at an affordable price, the wealth of material allows academic institutions, government agencies, law firms, court systems, corporations, and other organizations access to authoritative, true-to-print digital material without the hassle or cost of using multiple research databases. Furthermore, subscriptions to HeinOnline consistently increase in value without added cost as HeinOnline adds daily, weekly, and monthly content while continuously incorporating new artificial intelligence tools for easier research. More information about HeinOnline and William S. Hein & Co., Inc. is available here: https://home.heinonline.org/.

About Altmetric

Altmetric is part of Digital Science an AI-focused technology company. Altmetric tracks where published research is mentioned online. Altmetrics are a simple and effective way of understanding who is engaging with research online and what they’re saying. The Altmetric data gathered allows users to track anything from articles to software packages, using a broad range of scholarly identifiers that cut out the noise of traditional measurement tools. More information about Altmetric is available here: altmetric.com.

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