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This fall, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. is releasing its newest HeinOnline database, Civil Rights and Social Justice. Free perpetual access is available to all institutions and organizations.

October 1, 2020

The release of this resource coincides what some are calling the “new civil rights movement.” Over the past few months, the world has witnessed time and again that America continues to grapple with injustice and inequality—certainly in all minority groups, but particularly in the black community. In response, millions of protestors have spent their summers flooding streets around the world in pursuit of change.

At this crucial moment in history, Hein is proud to offer a resource that can help its customers understand the roots of this fight, how far our nation has come, and how much we have yet to improve. To honor our core value of corporate citizenship, Hein is offering this newest collection of materials free of charge to its core American and international subscribers, and to the libraries of any other interested organizations or institutions. Furthermore, this database joins our other two free resources—Slavery in America and the World and Gun Regulation and Legislation in America—to create what we are now calling our “Social Justice Suite.” Registering for access to any one of these three resources will now provide complimentary access to the other two. It is our hope that in making these materials accessible to all, we can help foster knowledge, facilitate civil discourse, and encourage action for the betterment of our nation.

As purveyors and navigators of knowledge, librarians, in particular, have a tremendous impact within their communities. Their unique position allows them to interact with all manner of individuals (young children, students of all ages, academic faculty, business people, attorneys, judges, policy-makers, etc.), opening lines of communication to address world issues that might otherwise be closed. By providing complimentary library access to this new database, a wide audience has an opportunity to become more informed about the history of civil rights and the future of social justice and equality. We hope that in using this database, librarians can better guide curious observers, interested researchers, budding advocates, and passionate activists alike in their understanding of the current social climate.

The Hein Company hopes your library will consider registering for access to this resource. Please join us in making a difference today.

For more information, visit https://home.heinonline.org/civil-rights-and-social-justice/

To register for institutional access to Civil Rights and Social Justice (and thus, the entire Social Justice Suite), visit  https://home.heinonline.org/social-justice-suite-registration/

About This Database

Bringing together a diverse offering of publications, Civil Rights and Social Justice allows users to educate themselves on the ways our civil rights have been strengthened and expanded over time, as well as how these legal protections have yet to improve. Hearings and committee prints, legislative histories on landmark legislation, CRS and GAO reports, briefs from major Supreme Court cases, and publications from the Commission on Civil Rights illuminate the storied (and still-unfinished) struggle for equality in the United States. A varied collection of books on related civil rights topics and a list of prominent civil rights organizations supplement these primary source documents and help take the research beyond HeinOnline.

About HeinOnline

HeinOnline is a premier online database that provides more than 188 million pages of multidisciplinary periodicals, essential government documents, international treaties and trials, case law, and much more. Composed of image-based PDFs and available at an affordable price, the wealth of material allows academic institutions, government agencies, law firms, court systems, corporations, and other organizations access to authoritative, true-to-print digital material without the hassle or cost of using multiple research databases. Furthermore, subscriptions to HeinOnline consistently increase in value without added cost as HeinOnline adds daily, weekly, and monthly content and regularly incorporates complimentary tools, features, and databases.

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