NEW: HeinOnline Help Video Series Now Available!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline is excited to announce a new help video series, created by the masterminds at Quimbee, which is now available on the HeinOnline YouTube channel!

About the HeinOnline Video Series

Several months ago, Quimbee approached the Hein Company with the idea to create a course for attorneys and students on the use of HeinOnline. After some initial collaboration, Quimbee took the information provided by HeinOnline’s support team and help page and ran with it, creating this incredible series of training videos. They have generously granted permission to feature this series on HeinOnline’s YouTube channel. In the coming weeks, the videos will also be added to the HeinOnline help page!

The series begins with the basics, such as logging into HeinOnline and creating a MyHein Account. Searching and navigating are also covered in detail, along with tutorials on HeinOnline’s various tools and features. The U.S. Congressional Documents database is also covered in detail. Examples and quirky anecdotes are provided to further the viewer’s understanding of the inner workings of HeinOnline. In total, the course includes 25 professional videos which will benefit both novice and experienced HeinOnline users.

Additional video topics include:

  • Exploring the welcome page
  • Searching for a citation
  • Searching the HeinOnline catalog
  • Case law, including HeinOnline’s partnership with Fastcase
  • Downloading/printing content
  • Author Profile Pages
  • Searching across bills and resolutions
  • Searching for Congress members by name
  • Searching by rollcall vote
  • Refining and building search queries
  • Much more!

To access the videos, go to the HeinOnline YouTube channel. The Quimbee course is located directly beneath the featured video:


HeinOnline’s help page contains additional videos, as well as training guides, FAQs and more:


What Is Quimbee?

Quimbee is a company determined to further the success of law students nationwide by providing study aids such as case briefs, guides to writing exams, outlines for popular law school courses, and videos. The company is based in Charlotte but its team members live all over the world, including New York, Taiwan, and Uruguay. Quimbee doesn’t abandon its users when they graduate: it also supplies courses for attorneys, including solo practitioners, junior associates, and senior partners.

Quimbee offers free 7 day trials for all subscription plans, and there are no contracts or commitments. Like Hein, the company takes pride in having excellent customer service, so this was a friendship that was written in the stars, with HeinOnline users as the ultimate beneficiaries!

For questions about the Quimbee videos or other HeinOnline help resources, contact the support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us!

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