Project Update: Session Laws Library Indexing

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Benjamin Boron

How the Project Began

In August of 2015, we received an overwhelming amount of feedback from a customer survey indicating that users wanted additional indexing to the Session Laws Library.

The project was initially launched by ranking all states in the order they’re accessed by HeinOnline users and we began indexing the session laws by 10-year increments, in reverse chronological order while simultaneously indexing all new session laws added to HeinOnline.

Update on the Process

We are pleased to announce that all 50 states are now indexed to the chapter or act level from 2000 to current. Moving forward, we are adjusting our process. Instead of continuing to index the most accessed state session laws in reverse 10-year increments, we are narrowing our focus specifically to those states which are most accessed by our customers and indexing them back to inception—beginning with California, New York, and Maryland.

To see the indexing in action, simply access your state. Let’s look at New York’s 2002 session laws:

Note that each chapter is tagged in the table of contents. This improves both browsability and search result accuracy. Additionally, the Session Laws Quick Locator tool, found on the collection home page can be used to access specific chapters/acts. To find chapter 202 from the 2002 New York Session Laws, select New York and enter 2002 and 202 in the boxes:

The tool instantly retrieves the exact page on which this act begins.

For those session laws which are not yet indexed to the chapter or act level, this tool will perform a text search for the chapter or act, so users can still quickly find the information needed.

When the project is completed, all 50 states will be indexed from inception to current.

If you have questions about this enhancement, or about searching and navigating in HeinOnline, please contact our support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us!

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