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Category: Content Updates

image of the white house

New Documents Added to Executive Privilege Database

We’ve expanded HeinOnline’s Executive Privilege database with fresh documents so researchers can explore the prerogative of the U.S. president to safeguard specific information from subpoenas and other scrutiny by the legislative & judicial branches.

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What’s New in HeinOnline: March 2024 Content Release

As the trees and flowers come back to life, we too are blooming here at HeinOnline, with new databases, features, and content galore! While April may be known for its showers…the only showers here are showers full of new content for you to explore.

image of an open laptop on a desk with spring flowers and an iphone and coffee mug

New Journals Added to HeinOnline

Over the past two months, we have added more than 7,200 new articles to the Law Journal Library with updates to existing journals and newly added journals. This includes 10 new active serials.

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What’s New in HeinOnline: February 2024 Content Release

Although February holds the title of the year’s shortest month, there is certainly no scarcity of new HeinOnline content to explore. We launched a brand-new database, introduced two innovative features, and added expansions to our existing packages.

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Subject Compilations of State Laws Update

The Subject Compilations of State Laws database has a new editor and has received several recent updates, such as nearly 400 new bibliographic entries and two new subjects!

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New Titles Added to the Hackney Premium Package

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our Hackney Publications Package, the definitive collection of sports law journals that has been a game-changer for legal professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Image of former President Donald Trump

Decision in Trump’s Immunity Claim Now in HeinOnline

A three-judge panel dismissed Trump’s argument that he cannot be prosecuted because the allegations against him are tied to his official duties as president, denying him the ability to avoid a trial. This decision can be searched in HeinOnline.