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Lauren Mattiuzzo

The Canadian Bar Review has been added to HeinOnline with the August content release. This peer-reviewed legal journal founded in 1923 is the successor to Canadian Law Times and Canada Law Journal, which date back to 1855 and provide important insight into Canadian legal history. These two journals ceased publishing to form the Canadian Bar Review. For the first time ever, all three publications are available on one platform.

About the Canadian Bar Review

The Canadian Bar Review is compiled by the Canadian Bar Association, a voluntary bar association formed in 1896. Nearly 37,000 lawyers, judges, notaries, law teachers, and law students from across Canada make up this bar association. Their primary focus is to provide professionals with adequate, scholarly writing that promotes fair justice systems and equality, as well as the elimination of prejudice. The Canadian Bar Association advocates for the preservation of the independence of the court system and its lawyers.

The purpose of the Canadian Bar Review is to deliver a platform for discussion between professional legal scholars. Published quarterly, this bilingual law journal is often cited by the Supreme Court of Canada. It discusses current legal policies and fosters the connection between Canada’s different systems of law. Furthermore, the Canadian Bar Review educates the public and those within the legal profession on means of enhancing the law in principle and in practice.

Bar Journals in HeinOnline

Not only is the Canadian Bar Review available in the Law Journal Library, it can also be found in HeinOnline’s Bar Journals Library, which holds more than 125 titles, 5,000 volumes and 2.4 million pages of coverage. Nearly all state Bar Journals, select publications from the American Bar Association, and City Bar Journals are included in this a la carte database.

Quickly access a document in the Bar Journals Library using the Citation Navigator found under the Citation tab on the main search bar.

Not sure what the citation is? Use the Citation Format Guide. Click a letter within the alphabetic listing to see all titles which begin with that letter. Notice the citation listed directly across from the title.

Clicking a title in this list presents the option to fill in the volume and page number of the citation you are looking for.

To access multiple citation formats for the title you are viewing, simply click the Cite button located by the table of contents.

Utilize ScholarCheck to view journal articles and cases that have a heavy influence on the subject being researched. ScholarCheck allows the user to:

  • Link to case law powered by Fastcase.
  • Link to articles that cite the document being viewed.
  • Link to documents cited by the article, including US Code, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, and Statutes at Large.
  • Link to external links cited.

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