The Evolution of A Customer Suggestion

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From Live Chat to Interface Change

HeinOnline often uses icons to indicate tools or links to additional information and features. A few weeks ago, we received a live chat from HeinOnline user Nancy Tileston from the Alaska Court System’s law library.

Image of chat interface

Nancy questioned the use of a circled red R next to titles in various HeinOnline databases. She initially believed the R to mean ‘restricted,’ but in reality it represented a link to the title’s MARC Record.

Image of MARC record indicator

We agreed with Nancy that the R was definitely misleading, which we hadn’t considered when initially implementing the icons last June. Our team immediately collaborated to see what would work better for the MARC Record indicator. Within just a few days, we were able to replace the confusing red R with a charcoal page image. The image can be clicked to view a title’s MARC Record.

Hover over any icon in HeinOnline to learn more about its functionality.

Tell Us What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)

We would like to thank Nancy for taking the time to point out a potentially confusing feature of HeinOnline and giving us the opportunity to improve the interface!

HeinOnline is always receptive to and grateful for customer feedback. Past customer suggestions have led to awesome new features, improved functionality, and better user experiences. We encourage all users to share suggestions, ideas, and even complaints! There are multiple ways to submit feedback to us:

  • Live chat with us! The support team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Call us on the phone during those same hours. The support phone number is (800) 277-6995.
  • Use the feedback form on our website.
  • Send a carrier pigeon to 2350 North Forest Road, Getzville, NY, 14068. Not a fan of birds (even after Bird Box?) Write us a letter!

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our users to make HeinOnline the most user-friendly research experience possible!

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