Session Laws Library Indexing Project: March 2019 Update

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Back in June 2018, we blogged about the status of the Session Law indexing project. All 50 states in the Session Law Library are indexed to the chapter or act level from 2000 to current. We are currently expanding this indexing for all states back to inception. Since our last update, we have been diligently working and have indexed six more states back to inception. Let’s take a look at where this project currently stands.

Status of the Project

The following states have been indexed back to inception thus far:

  1. California (1849-2018)
  2. Florida (1822-2018)
  3. Georgia (1735-2017)
  4. Illinois (1809-2017)
  5. Indiana (1801-2018)
  6. Louisiana (1804-2016)
  7. Maryland (1692-2018)
  8. Massachusetts (1661-2016)
  9. Minnesota (1850-2018)
  10. Mississippi (1799-2017)
  11. New York (1691-2017)
  12. Ohio (1788-2016)
  13. Pennsylvania (1700-2015)
  14. Rhode Island (1636-2017)
  15. South Carolina (1694-2017)
  16. Texas (1836-2017)

Next up to be added to this list is the state of Tennessee. Stay tuned for more updates!

Using the Indexing for Quicker Research

Use the Session Laws Quick Locator Tool to quickly retrieve a chapter, act, or page from a specific state. This tool can be found either on the Session Laws Library homepage or within a particular state.

Simply select the state and plug in the year and chapter/act information to retrieve the document. For example, let’s search for Chapter 328 from the year 1882 for the state of Rhode Island.

This tool will take users to the exact page where the chapter begins.

Upgrade to the U.S. State Package

The U.S. State Package streamlines and simplifies legal research at the state level. Six databases have been brought together to provide more than 30 million pages of content related to all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This package includes the following databases:

  1. Session Laws Library
  2. State Statutes: A Historical Archive
  3. Bar Journals Library
  4. State Attorney General Reports & Opinions
  5. State Reports: A Historical Archive
  6. Prestatehood Legal Materials

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