MyHein Update Saves Power Researchers Even More Time!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Here at HeinOnline we know that research time is valuable, which is why we created MyHein, a personal bookmarking tool. We recently updated this tool to save power researchers even more time. Now, users who are logged in to their MyHein can see if documents within results have already been bookmarked. Never bookmark the same document twice! Skip over previously bookmarked items and move on to new documents to add to your tags. Read below to see how this tool can speed up your research process.

Previously Bookmarked Results Identifier

Let’s take a look at this new feature in action! Below is an example of a MyHein account with bookmarked articles that fall under the tag wrongful conviction.

In order to utilize this new feature, users must be logged in to their MyHein account prior to beginning their search. Let’s use the MyHein example above to explore the topic of wrongful conviction further. Run a proximity search using the Full Text tab for “wrongful conviction rates DNA”~50 and choose Articles from the Section Type facet. From the results page, notice the first article listed, Innocents Convicted: An Empirical Justified Factual Wrongful Conviction Rate, includes a greyed-out MyHein icon box.

The greyed-out box is an indicator that this article has already been bookmarked in the sample MyHein account. Hover over the icon to see the message, “Bookmarked in Active MyHein Acct.”

Users can also use their MyHein account to save search queries and set up electronic table of contents (eTOC) alerts. Keep your documents organized and maximize your research time with this handy tool. For more information on how to create and utilize a MyHein account, check out the User’s Guide.

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