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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Do you follow an author in HeinOnline who writes on specific subjects? Or are you an author who researches in a certain area? With the use of machine learning and natural language processing tools, users can receive email alerts when articles are added to HeinOnline that are similar to those written by a specific author.

How to Set Up an Email Alert

To set up similar article email alerts, navigate to the desired author’s profile page. There are a few different options for locating an author profile page. Let’s say we are interested in subjects that Mary Whisner writes about. To find her profile, click the Advanced Search drop-down option from the welcome page. In the Author field, enter Whisner, Mary and click the search button.

From the results page, you will notice Mary Whisner’s name is hyperlinked. Click on her name to be brought to her author profile page.

Alternatively, you can enter the Law Journal Library and search for Mary Whisner’s profile page using the Advanced Search option. From here, add Mary Whisner to the Author/Creator field and click the search button.

Similar to the first example, click on Mary Whisner’s hyperlinked name on the results page. This will bring you directly to her profile page.

From Whisner’s profile page, click on the bell icon located in the upper right-hand corner. Next, select When similar articles are published on this author’s works. Then enter your email address. If you would like to include additional email addresses, use a semicolon to separate each email address. Lastly, click the search button.

You will immediately receive a confirmation email from holsupport@wshein.com. See an example below.

Each month, if an article similar to those written by Mary Whisner is added to HeinOnline, you will receive an email alert!

Author Profile Pages

Author Profile Pages are an excellent way to showcase and promote an author’s scholarly work. This page automatically displays a list of an author’s articles and ScholarCheck statistics and can be enhanced to include a photo, biographical information, and links to the author’s website and social media accounts. To learn more about author profile pages, check out these blog posts:

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