New Case Citation Alert for Authors!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

We’re back with some exciting news about a new update to author profile pages. Thanks to a suggestion from Corinne Jacox of Creighton University, users can now receive email alerts when an author has been cited by a case that has been added to HeinOnline. Authors and librarians alike will love this new feature! With the implementation of this feature, users that currently receive Article Citation Alerts will now receive Case Citation Alerts by default, but may manage their alert preferences within MyHein at any time. The Case Citation Alert will need to be manually selected for all new users. Check out this quick tutorial or keep reading for more information on how to set up case citation alerts.

How to Set Up Case Citation Alerts

Users can set up case citation alerts either directly from an author profile page, or from within their MyHein. Let’s explore these two options.

From within an author profile page

From within an author profile page, click the bell icon, found in the upper right-hand side, to be presented with five different email alert options. From here, users can enter their email address to set up the desired alert(s) for the specified author.

From here, users can enter their email address to set up the desired alert(s) for the specified author, including:

  • When new material for an author is added to HeinOnline
  • When new articles in HeinOnline cite that author’s articles
  • When new cases in HeinOnline cite that author’s articles – new!
  • When that author’s articles are accessed on HeinOnline each month
  • When articles are published that are similar to that author’s works

Users will receive a confirmation email as soon as an author alert has been set up. See below for an example.

From Within MyHein

We recently wrote about a new feature allowing users to manage their author alerts from their MyHein profile. This feature is available for anyone who has previously signed up for author profile alerts with the same email address used to sign up for their MyHein account. Once logged into their MyHein profile, users will notice the Author Alerts tab.

This allows users to see a comprehensive listing of their author alerts and, if desired, check the new case law citation alert. When a new case is added to HeinOnline that cites an author’s article, users will be notified via email. See an example below.

Tell Us What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)

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