New Journals Added to HeinOnline: July 2021

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

With the July content release, we added eight new journals, seven of which are active serials. Many of these journals are included as a part of our extended agreement with Emerald Publishing. Let’s dive into our new Law Journal Library titles this month and see the type of content they cover. Don’t forget to check out our exciting news announcement!

Columbia Journal of Race and Law Forum

Vols. 1-11 (2011-2021)
Published by Columbia Law School

The Columbia Journal of Race and Law Forum (CJRL)’s mission is to establish a dialogue on historic and contemporary notions of socio-political and legal challenges facing racial and ethnic minorities. While recognizing the overlapping intersections amongst racial and ethnic groups, they aim to embrace the continual importance of prioritizing this discourse as a means of better understanding contemporary issues, in addition to embarking on new paths for social progress.

CJRL seeks to publish articles that make a substantive contribution to the current dialogue surrounding issues such as affirmative action, immigration, employment law, community development, criminal law, environmental justice, voting rights, and education. The Journal is committed to publishing articles that inspire new thought, explore new alternatives, and contribute to the current jurisprudence and public policy.

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Full Text: Vols. 1-61 (1966-2019) Title Varies: Vols. 1-49 (1966-2007) as Managerial Law
Indexed: Vols. 1-63#4 (1966-2021)
Published by Emerald Publishing

International Journal of Law and Management (IJLMA) is a leading journal addressing all aspects of regulation and law as they impact on organizational development, operations, and leadership. Organizations and their leaders operate in an increasingly complex world of emerging regulation across national and international boundaries. IJLMA seeks to acknowledge the dynamics of that environment and provide a platform for articles and contributions to stimulate scholarly debate in the development of law and practice.

Subjects covered include employment and industrial law, corporate governance and social responsibility, corporate law and finance, commercial law and consumer protection, and more.

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Full Text: Vols. 1-25 (1993-2018)
Indexed: Vols. 1-27 (1993-2020)
Published by Emerald Publishing

The Journal of Financial Crime publishes authoritative, practical, and detailed insight into the most serious and topical issues relating to the control and prevention of financial crime and related abuse. The journal’s articles are authored by some of the leading international scholars and practitioners in the fields of law, criminology, economics, criminal justice, and compliance. Consequently, articles are perceptive, evidence-based, and have policy impact.

The journal is, along with the Journal of Money Laundering Control, the official journal of the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime.

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Full Text: Vols. 1-17 (2002-2018)
Indexed: Vols. 1-19 (2002-2020)
Published by Emerald Publishing

Journal of International Trade Law and Policy (JITLP) is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal with a focus upon the nexus of international economic policy and international economic law. The journal is receptive, but not limited, to the methods of economics, law, and the social sciences; individual articles may be targeted to one specific discipline, but interdisciplinary discussion is encouraged wherever possible.

Content varies from conceptual and theoretical to empirical and/or doctrinal; economist authors, for example, may utilize quantitative research methods, while legal scholars and political scientists may invoke specialized techniques and theories



Full Text: Vols. 1-10 (2009-2018) Title Varies: Vols. 1-9 (2009-2017) as International Journal of Law in the Built Environment
Indexed: Vols. 1-13#1 (2009-2021)
Published by Emerald Publishing

The Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law publishes original legal research for the benefit of scholars, policy makers and practitioners in these areas, including those operating in the fields of legal practice, housing, and planning. International in scope and with a commitment to comparative legal studies, the journal publishes scholarly legal articles dealing with the application of law in these areas as well as theoretical and policy-oriented research.

Specific subjects covered include, but are not limited to: planning and spatial governance; global environmental governance; environmental impact assessment; and sustainable development and urban agriculture.


NLS Business Law Review

Published by National Law School of India University

The NLS Business Law Review is the oldest and leading national academic publication on business and corporate laws in India. It intends to recognize and foster academic research and scholarship in commercial law by examining the myriad regulatory frameworks, domestic or international, that impact doing business in India or globally. The Review welcomes submissions applying comparative international perspectives. The mandate of the NLS Business Law Review thus, inter alia, includes company law, securities and capital markets regulation, banking and finance, taxation, foreign investment, competition law, commercial dispute resolution, contract and commercial law, and employment law. Their intended audience is anyone interested in the laws regulating doing business in India. This includes business people, practicing commercial lawyers, students, and professors.


Vallis Aurea (International Journal Vallis Aurea)

Vols. 1-6 (2015-2020)
Published by Polytechnic in Pozega

This peer-edited journal is focused on research in economics, business economics and entrepreneurship, and how they relate to other disciplines such as information and technical sciences, law, sociology, psychology, and other fields. The Journal accepts theoretical, methodological, and empirical contributions.


New Completed Title

We are also happy to announce that we have finished adding the remaining volumes for Criminal Law and Justice Weekly (formerly Justice of the Peace). This 182-volume set spanning more than 180 years is now complete!

This is the oldest legal weekly magazine in England and Wales. It reported on all matters concerning the criminal courts and latest news for its readers. Used by legal practitioners such as judges, justice’s clerks and executives, police, and local authorities, this magazine’s goal was to provide the legal community with a universal medium of communication. Check it out below.


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