New Database: Water Rights and Resources

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The newest HeinOnline database is certainly making a splash. Water Rights & Resources, a brand-new collection of nearly 3,000 titles and more than 600,000 pages, is a highly editorialized database designed for understanding state and federal laws governing water. And anyone can dive in—this database is available for an affordable, one-time fee of $495.00! Watch this short video or keep reading to learn all about this timely, comprehensive resource.

About the Water Rights & Resources Database

For those of us who take for granted the ready availability of water flowing from our taps, the concept of water rights may seem strange or confusing. Water rights refers to the right of a user to access water from a particular source. It is one component of the complex network of water laws that address a multitude of facets over water at both the state and federal level. In the United States, water law focuses on both water use and protection. Learn more about water rights in our LibGuide!

HeinOnline’s Water Rights & Resources is an affordable, comprehensive, and timely collection that is dedicated to understanding the complex interplay of state and federal laws that govern all aspects of water in society, from municipal use to restoring its pristine condition. Collecting congressional documents, books, legislative histories on major legislation, and Supreme Court briefs on related cases, this database touches on a wide range of water issues, including irrigation, hydropower, riparian rights, water conservation, drinking water quality, and tribal water rights, encompassing the unique water rights issues that span from the Eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes and across the arid West. In the face of so much uncertainty, water rights and how to use our water resources becomes even more vital to understand.

  • Highly Editorialized
  • Most-Relevant and -Cited Articles
  • Timely Resource
  • 100% Subject-Coded
  • Hundreds of Related Books
  • Incredibly Affordable
  • Updated Regularly
  • Thousands of Government Documents
  • One-Time Payment; No Subscription!

Subject-Coded Content for Simplified Searching

To help users navigate the content spanning this extensive database, HeinOnline editors have created 16 new subjects, including:

  • Clean Water Act
  • Dams and Hydropower
  • Drinking Water
  • Drought and Water Scarcity
  • Flood and Flood Control
  • Groundwater
  • International Bodies of Water
  • Irrigation
  • Oceans and Estuaries
  • River Basins
  • Sewers and Sewage
  • Water Delivery and Storage
  • Water Management
  • Water Rights and Claims
  • Water Supply
  • Watersheds and Drainage Basins

Featured Content

stack of books icon


Browse hundreds of books ranging in date from the 1800s to present day. Trace the history of water disputes in the western United States, explore the geological differences in water rights, and discover the similarities between the water problems of the present with those of the past.  

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Government Document

The deliberations of Congress provide insight both into issues requiring federal attention and their proposed solutions. This collection includes a variety of committee prints, congressional hearings, and CRS and GAO reports.

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Legislation and Supreme Court Briefs

From the Code of Federal Regulations to legislative histories and Supreme Court briefs, this collection contains an impressive number of relevant titles and documents.

magazine icon

Serials & Periodicals

Browse various publications that serve as forums for the exchange of ideas, information, and legal and policy analyses concerning water law.

article icon

Scholarly Articles and Bibliography

Access hundreds of articles* selected by HeinOnline editors on water policy, environmental issues in water rights, indigenous water rights, riparian rights, reclamation projects, and more. Or, dive into the bibliography to view a list of titles hand-picked by HeinOnline editors. Use the linked OCLC number to find a physical copy of the book at a library near you.

*In order to access the scholarly article links, you must be subscribed to the appropriate HeinOnline collection(s).

Water Rights & Resources LibGuide

This database’s dedicated LibGuide details the unique documents and content within the collection, as well as search tips, additional resources, and much more. Learn more about how you can make the most of this collection by checking it out!

screenshot of Water Rights & Resources LibGuide

Water You Waiting For?

Add this collection to your institution’s HeinOnline subscription for just $495.00! Contact our Sales Team today to get started diving into Water Rights and Resources.

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