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New Features Coming to HeinOnline, Just in Time for Back to School


New semester, new courses, new students, new professors…and new features in HeinOnline to enhance your research experience when you’re tackling those new class projects. In this post, we’ll explore two new enhancements coming to your favorite research platform this fall: options for liking and commenting on documents, and a redesigned Welcome page.

Liking and Commenting

With this new feature, you’ll be able to express appreciation for valuable articles, books, and documents within HeinOnline, all with a simple click. Powered via MyHein, our liking and commenting options will allow users who are logged into MyHein to easily “like” or add a comment to documents in all HeinOnline databases. You’ll be able to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage in scholarly discourse directly on documents, fostering a sense of community within the academic realm and enabling dynamic discussions and insight exchanges. This feature will help make the research experience more interacting and engaging.

screenshot of HeinOnline interface showing likes and comments

Additionally, HeinOnline authors will automatically receive a “verified” badge when liking or commenting, which will hyperlink to their Author Profile Page. But don’t worry—unlike with *some* platforms, you won’t have to pay to be verified.

screenshot of commenting interface, highlighting the verified badge

New Welcome Page

We’re also excited to soon be introducing a revamped HeinOnline Welcome page. As you likely know, this is what our Welcome page interface currently looks like:

screenshot of current HeinOnline Welcome page

With the new design, all existing functionalities will remain the same, but the design and layout of the page will be modernized to have a contemporary look and intuitive user experience.

Here’s a look at what you can expect the Welcome page to look like soon:

screenshot of new HeinOnline Welcome page

Within the interface, you will be able to filter your subscribed databases by:

  • Subject
  • Database type
  • Publisher (i.e. ABA, SAGE, Edward Elgar, etc.)

Additionally, users will be able to view new and popular databases. Plus, we have streamlined navigation and access to scholarly resources.

Note: All of the images displayed above in beta version are intended for illustrative purposes and may not accurately represent the final appearance of the product once it goes live. Design, layout, and other visual elements are subject to change as we continue to refine and improve the user experience based on feedback and testing.

Adding Value to Your Subscription

We are always looking for ways to add value to your subscription, so these features will be automatically added to HeinOnline at no additional cost to customers. We are looking forward to rolling out these enhancements and seeing what you think! Keep an eye on the HeinOnline Blog, where we always share news and updates—be sure to subscribe to get posts delivered right to your inbox.

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