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Receive digital access to an extensive back volume collection from Wolters Kluwer, one of the leading global information services and publishing companies in the world.







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About Kluwer Law International Journal Library

Founded in 1987 after the merger of Kluwer Publishing and Wolters Samson, Wolters Kluwer soon became the second-largest publishing house in the Netherlands. Today, Wolters Kluwer operates in more than 150 countries as an indispensable knowledge partner for legal, tax, and accounting professionals.

HeinOnline is pleased to offer digital access to an extensive back volume collection of publications from this leading global information services provider. Explore 23 journals from Wolters Kluwer that analyze topics in international law such as air and space, trade regulation, energy use and the environment, dispute resolution, and more. Coverage of these publications extends back to inception with a three-year delay. Cross-library searching with HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library is also available, where applicable.

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Kluwer Journals Included in the Database

Whenever authorities in the air and space law community have something to say, they are likely to say it in Air and Space Law, the preeminent journal of viral debate and information in this immensely important field. Crossing all international and cultural lines—and presenting government, commercial, and theoretical perspectives—Air and Space Law provides lawyers, policymakers and business people in the aviation and aerospace fields with penetrating articles that discuss and clarify crucial issues, such as aircraft accident investigation and liability legislation, state aid, security, credit and leasing interest involved in aircraft, among various other things.

The ASA Bulletin is the official quarterly journal of the prestigious Swiss Arbitration Association. Since its inception in 1983, the Bulletin has carved a unique niche with its focus on arbitration case law and practice worldwide as well as for its judicious selection of scholarly and practical writing in the field.

Asian Dispute Review is a quarterly journal, sponsored by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch), the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators and the Hong Kong Mediation Council. Each edition of the journal generally comprises eight papers, a news section and a book review, all with a focus on arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR. The content is written in a style easily understood by lay readers, with substantive law content limited unless it aids the understanding of the arbitration/ADR content.

The Asian International Arbitration Journal is the first journal to provide high-level commentary applicable to arbitration throughout Asia. Published in collaboration with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre this journal will become the thought leader in issues in international commercial arbitration in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Business Law Review offers readers analytical articles on topics of current importance written by experts in the field, as well as updates and reviews on specific areas of business law, including: commercial property; consumer credit; criminal law; employment; health and safety; intellectual property; and more!

Common Law Market Review has provided a forum for the keenest legal minds in the field for 40 years. Because of the international composition of its Editorial Board, and in view of the fact that it is able to attract contributions from all over Europe and the United States, the Review is able to adopt a unique approach to Community commercial law issues.

EC Tax Review provides up-to-date coverage of developments in Community tax law as it affects member states. It provides comprehensive and timely analysis, enabling you to anticipate the effect of EU tax law on the regime in your own country.

European Business Law Review offers current, authoritative information on a wide range of issues and developments in European business law. Written by a distinguished international team of legal practitioners and academics, the Review proves an invaluable source of current information, practical analysis, and expert guidance for all lawyers, advisers, and researchers dealing with European business law on a regular basis.

European Company Law has been designed to be the ideal working tool for all corporate lawyers with a European practice. You’ll find it a time-saving way of keeping up-to-date with all the issues affecting European company law.

European Energy & Environmental Law Review presents comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in energy and environmental law throughout Europe. It contains concise and accessible articles which explore and analyze significant issues and developments in this field.

European Foreign Affairs Review considers the external posture of the European Union in its political, legal and economic relations with the rest of the world. It provides an interdisciplinary medium for the understanding and analysis of foreign affairs issues of relevance to the EU, its member states, and its international partners.

European Public Law provides a detailed analysis of constitutional and administrative law at a crucial stage of European integration and legal development. Public law is given a wide interpretation, including the structure of government, judicial review, the conduct of regulatory bodies, redress of grievance through administrative bodies, protection of human rights, fiscal and monetary policy, and much more.

In short, the European Public Law embraces the operation and control of government and government agencies, regulation of economic and commercial affairs, and relationships between the state and individuals.

European Review of Private Law stresses the great practice as well as academic importance of national private laws in an integrating Europe, in the face of the current overwhelming emphasis on European Community Law.

By providing accessible and comparative surveys of legal developments in a number of countries, the Review provides a valuable source of information for lawyers looking for new ideas with which to tempt their court to innovate in private law.

Global Trade and Customs Journal provides you with new ideas, fresh insights, and expert views on critical practical issues affecting international trade and customs compliance. Written for practitioners by practitioners, the journal offers you reliable guidance and actionable advice to ensure that you are able to protect your clients or organization from developments that could adversely affect their interests.

Published four times a year, this journal has become the major English-language publication in its field.

International Journal of Comparative Labour Law & Industrial Relations serves as an essential point of reference for labor lawyers, judges, policymakers, personnel specialists, international law firms, trade unions, multinational organizations, academics, and libraries around the world.

This established international tax journal offers detailed coverage of direct tax, indirect tax, and social security from both legal and economic angles, and provides practical, up-to-date, high-level international tax information. Coverage includes all aspects of transnational tax issues.

The Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML) takes a fresh perspective on consumer law and puts the topic into the context of market order and market integration in Europe. The journal provides relevant information for practitioners in law firms, courts, undertakings, associations, administrative authorities, and academics. The publication contains double-blind peer-reviewed articles, and shorter comment and analysis as well as the new “EuCML Reports” from national correspondents.

Since its launch in 1984, the Journal of International Arbitration has established itself as a thought-provoking, ground-breaking journal aimed at the specific requirements of those involved in international arbitration.

As always, each issue contains in-depth investigations of the most important current issues in international arbitration, focusing on business, investment, and economic disputes among private corporations, state-controlled entities and states.

Journal of World Trade sets the agenda for both scholarship and policy initiatives in the most critical areas of international relations.

With penetrating, in-depth analysis, the Journal examines the relationship between the separate and interconnected regional and global integration processes stemming from today’s challenging multilateral trading structure.

Legal Issues of Economic Integration publishes thought-provoking articles, case notes and book reviews on European and international economic integration. It includes contributions from regarded academics, practitioners, and legal representatives of international economic organizations.

Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem is a quarterly journal established in 2003 and covering both national and international arbitration as practiced in Brazil or seen from a Brazilian or South American perspective. The journal is aimed at practitioners and academics working in the field of arbitration. Leading articles by internationally renowned specialists ensure that you stay up to date with trends, developments, cases, and procedural issues relating to arbitration in Brazil and South America. Each issue of Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem covers both national and international doctrine though articles, selected arbitral jurisprudence, annotated cases, landmark decisions, recent developments, book reviews and a “review of the reviews”. Easy to use, each issue is introduced through concise “Carta do Editor” introductions which give a quick insight into the contents of the issue whilst expert indexes make it easy to locate the content you require.

World Competition brings together articles covering the latest developments in international competition law and economics.

World Competition discusses both the legal and economic aspects of competition with a high degree of sophistication and creativity. By taking both disciplines into account, it uniquely enables readers to understand competition issues.

World Trade and Arbitration Materials meets a vital need of practitioners in arbitration and trade. It publishes the texts of all of the most important current documents relating to international trade not readily available elsewhere. World Trade and Arbitration Materials an indispensable tool for those working in the fields of arbitration and trade, especially those involved in research in these areas.

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