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New HeinOnline Database: UK Parliamentary & Government Publications (Public Information Online)

Provides access to millions of pages of key UK Parliamentary materials.

June 6, 2024

June 2024. HeinOnline is excited to partner with Dandy Booksellers to integrate their product, UK Parliamentary & Government Publications (Public Information Online), to bring comprehensive coverage of UK Parliamentary Papers into our fully indexed, browsable, and searchable interface.

UK Parliamentary & Government Publications (Public Information Online) is not just a database; it’s a historical record, a research tool, and a legislative library all in one. It acts as a searchable archive of Parliamentary and official documents from the parliaments of Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, along with a variety of non-parliamentary material. 

This collection will be available to all organizations and institutions for an annual subscription fee, which will provide access to the database in both HeinOnline and Public Information Online’s interface. Please contact us for quote or trial details, and visit our website for more information: https://home.heinonline.org/content/uk-parliamentary-and-government-publications-public-information-online/.

Or, you can read our dedicated blog post: https://home.heinonline.org/blog/2024/05/new-database-uk-parliamentary-government-publications-public-information-online/

About Dandy Booksellers & Public Information Online



Dandy Booksellers, based in London, has been providing UK official information to the public for more than 30 years. Initially, they distributed this information, including House of Commons and Lords Papers, Bills, and Commands, in print, launching their online database, Public Information Online, in 2006.

Currently, this collection contains over 12 million pages of content and is utilized by the majority of major academic libraries in the United Kingdom, along with The British Library and the National Library of Wales. Content is current, with new content added daily, and includes a variety of resources that are no longer published in hard copy. Additionally, this database is the only place where users will find written and oral arguments brought together in consolidated PDFs.

Featured Content

Command Papers: Illuminating the History of Parliament
Dating back to 1900

The Command Papers illustrate a rich history of policy proposals and government reports. The name derives from the formula that was carried on the papers: “Presented to Parliament…by the command of Her (or His) Majesty.” These documents contain information or decisions to which the Sovereign wishes to draw Parliament’s attention.

The main types of Command Papers within PIO consist of:

  • State papers
  • White papers
  • Government replies to committee reports
  • Reports of Royal Commissions
  • Reports of major committees
  • Annual reports, statistics, etc.

Some consultative documents (sometimes called Green Papers).

Hansard: The Cornerstone of Parliamentary Debate
House of Commons: Dating back to 1803
House of Lords: Dating back to 1909

The Hansard papers are the official reports of the proceedings of Parliament, published daily. The documents consist of everything said and done in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, detailing debates, discussions, and conversations on issues that have shaped history. Trace parliamentary debates on essential subjects such as the elimination of slavery in the British Empire, the Parliament Act of 1911, the Suez Canal, the European Union, foreign affairs, colonization, and much more with precision and detail.

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