Cassidy Cataloguing is the official cataloger for HeinOnline. Cassidy Cataloguing offers high-quality MARC21 catalog records for HeinOnline’s core subscription package and along with various HeinOnline a-la-carte libraries. All records will be emailed for easy loading into your institution’s OPAC (or ftp’d if preferred). Cassidy offers free customer service and no-charge customization (including any necessary proxy information) for any records collection.

For a complete listing of HeinOnline record collections that Cassidy Cataloguing offers, please visit the Cassidy Cataloguing website.

HeinOnline Training

If you have a question about something you are researching in HeinOnline or if you do not know how to use a feature of HeinOnline, you can request web-based training from our HeinOnline support team! Our HeinOnline support team is made up of individuals who are experts in navigating HeinOnline. They’ll provide you with useful tips while answering your questions and concerns.


Digital Ownership

We are pleased to offer more than 30 collections in HeinOnline’s Digital Ownership Program. You will obtain ownership rights to PDF files of the scanned images of all pages within the library. 


Digital Services

As libraries begin to evaluate ways to bring their unique historical collections to the larger population of legal researchers, the experts of HeinOnline are here to help and share our expertise with Hein’s Digital Services for Libraries program. We have been preserving rare document collections from all over the world since the 1960s. From reprinting, to microfiche, to HeinOnline, we’ve successfully delivered high-quality documents to the research community for more than 40 years. With our experience and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we understand how to scan based on document type and we can recommend the most cost-effective approach to document conversion.


HeinOnline Brand and Logo Usage

We encourage you to promote HeinOnline and Hein throughout your organization and to your end users. To assist you with these efforts, we’ve provided digital files of the HeinOnline and Hein logos below that you are welcome to download. You can use these logos on your own website, blog, in email newsletters, print newsletters, or any other format through which you are announcing new HeinOnline libraries or Hein products or promoting the use and availability of HeinOnline to your users. If you are looking for a format that is not available below, please send your request to



Every month we add new content to various libraries in HeinOnline. Here you’ll find links to the content release for each month as well as our monthly HeinOnline Newsletter. Our monthly newsletters include content updates, new features and tools, as well as blog posts and catalog updates.